2022 Premium Xihu Long Jing Tee (Drachenbrunnentee)


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16,64 €416,00 €/kg
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Xihu Longjing / Lungching 2022 pre-Qingming (Drachenbrunnentee)

Harvest: 03/25/2022

Origin: Yuhang, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

Tee-Sorte: Qun Ti Zhong (Qunti Sorte 群体)

Tested as pesticide-free by Eurofin in China and Germany

This year we managed to get Bio Pre-Qingming Xihu Longjing for our shop (tested in Germany and China with Eurofin test reports). The first infusions of the tea are rich in umami and thicker in consistency than our earlier Xihu Longjing. This year's Songluo green tea also contains stronger umami. As the cloudy and rainy weather in Zhejiang and Anhui provinces in March-April this year produced a slight shadow effect. Many samples of green tea produced in this region tasted richer in umami this year than I remember in the past. Besides the obvious umami flavor in the first few infusions of this Xihu Longjing, its sweetness lasts for many more infusions and becomes more concentrated in the later infusions. I can't remember how many infusions I've brewed, maybe 7; I didn't manage to exhaust its sweetness before I had to leave and throw away the spent leaves. Nutty and umami in the first infusions, endless sweetness with a thicker body and organic - I am satisfied with this new Xihu Longjing.



Longjing green tea is one of those best and most famous green teas in China. He will handpicked and is of exceptionally high quality.

Like all traditional Chinese teas, this tea is made from the leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis produced. The great variety is due to the different processing methods and degrees of oxidation (fermentation).

Green tea undergoes very little fermentation. The special thing about this tea is that it is hand-roasted after picking. This stops the natural fermentation process and preserves the freshness and perfection of the tea leaves.

The color of the tea ranges from yellow-green to green. The tea is rich in vitamin C and amino acids and has a very high concentration of catechins.

High-quality Long Jing tea is usually comparatively expensive. However, there are many levels of quality.

The highest quality is characterized by perfect whole and flat leaves with rounded ends. Light green leaves, a pleasant smell, a slightly bitter taste and a touch of sweetness are further distinguishing features of high-quality Longjing tea.

Lower quality can be recognized by many broken or even crumbled leaves. The tea works dark green after Infusion and shows less freshness.


To prepare the perfect cup of lung ching, the water should be around 80˚C. Boiling water would prevent all the flavors from dissolving. The taste wouldn't be nearly as intense.

  • Then it depends on whether you have the tea traditionally or in a European way (Western style) prepare. Traditionally, about 5-6 g of tea is used for a small pot of tea (about 150 - 200 ml). About half is used for a Gaiwan. According to the Western view of preparation, that seems far too much.
  • Then pour the hot water over the tea. This first brew is just to warm up the cup and clean the tea a bit. You pour away the first infusion.
  • Now you pour the water on again. For the second infusion, we recommend a brewing time of about 20-30 seconds.
    If you don't know the traditional preparation, this will seem very short. The taste is still intense due to the amount of tea that is used.
  • When the time is up, drain the tea (water) completely into a cup. Now enjoy your 2nd infusion.
  • For the 3rd infusion, fill your pot (or Gaiwan) again with hot water. This time you increase the brewing time to about 1 minute
  • You can repeat this process between 5 times. Each time you increase the brewing time a little.

I don't think I need to describe the western preparation in such detail. You pour hot water over a few grams of tea (about 4-5 g) in a medium-sized teapot and wait 2-3 minutes. You can also enjoy the Long Jing tea well in this way. In comparison, however, the aroma of the traditional preparation is much more intense and richer. However, it also requires significantly more time and attention.

If you have a little more time, you should really try the traditional tea preparation!


A good Longjing tea can be infused 5 times. The taste gets a little weaker each time. However, different nuances can be tasted with each infusion. Try paying attention.


A suitable and traditional teaware for tea is a porcelain Gaiwan.


Unless otherwise stated, delivery will be made quickly and conveniently as a DHL package to your home within 2-3 working days. The shipping costs are € 3.99


Delivery takes place within 4-5 working days, conveniently as a DHL package or DHL parcel to your home. You can find the exact shipping costs on the page shipping.


Qun Ti Zhong (Qunti Sorte 群体种)
Yuhang, Stadt Hangzhou, Zhejiang Provinz, China
Von Eurofin in China und in Deutschland als pestizidfrei getestet

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wolfhard S.
Hat was gedauert, bis er wieder lieferbar war.

Tee Nummero 3, den ich für mein Wohlbefinden brauche.

Elke G.
Gehört zu meinem Sonntagsfrühstück unbedingt dazu

Als ganz besonderen Tee, für den ich mir auch Zeit nehmen möchte, genieße ich ihn nur an Tagen, an denen ich nicht arbeiten muss.

Ioannis K.
Delicious and delicate tea

A delicious and delicate tea with nutty and savory notes.
Very sweet aftertaste also.

Stanley H.

ich bin erst beim dritten aufguss (gong fu) mit frischem alpenquellwasser (ich lasse es nicht mal aufkochen, sondern ziehe es vom herd, wenn es ungefaehr fischaugen große blasen blubbert. ja, welche fische und wie groß sind ihre augen!?) und pi mal daumen drei,drei finger voll eures tees. vieles und noch mehr. was ich mir von diesem drachenbrunnen tee erwartet hatte, wo ich doch hauptsaechlich bei schwarzen tees zu hause bin. vielen dank aus den bayerischen alpen


Andreas B.
Drachenbrunnentee Ernte März 2022

Farbe und Blätter sehr schön, Aroma zu wenig ausgeprägt, kaum nussig. Schwach anregender Tee bei 3 Min ziehen. Schade bei dem Preis.

David R.

Ich hab mir aus verschiedenen Quellen einen Long Jing besorgt und eingehend getestet und muss sagen, dieser hier überzeugt mich sehr. Er glänzt durch seine typische Nussigkeit, Süße und floralen Noten. Ein echt guter Long Jing! Der Preis ist ebenfalls sehr gut, es gibt teurere für weniger Geschmack.

Meine Zubereitungsart:
Entscheidend sind für mich die ersten zwei Aufgüsse (gewaschen wird er bei mir nicht)
5gr. / 100 ml (Gaiwan) / 75°C / 30 Sekunden

Wolf G.

Ein fantastischer Tee! Nach fast zweijähriger Suche endlich ein Long Jing, der dem Tee sehr nahe kommt, den ich in Shanghai auf einem "Local Tea Market" abseits der Touristenströme kaufen konnte ...

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