Dancak Shiboridashi Set Ivory (100-120 ml)

    99,83 €

    Czech ceramic shiboridashi 100% handmade by Dancak from Czech Republic Height: 6-7 cm Diameter of the top: 8-10 cm Volume: approx. 100-120 ml Shiboridashi Set (Japanese Gaiwan) entirely handmade by...

    Dancak Shiboridashi Set Ripple (230 ml)

    from 79,67 €

    Shiboridashi set by Ales Dancak 100% handmade by Mr. Dancak from the Czech Republic Volume of Shibo: approx. 230 ml up to the lid Volume of the cup: approx. 250...

    Dancak Shiboridashi Turquoise (110 ml)

    79,67 €

    Shiboridashi von Ales Dancak The special thing about this Gaiwan is the design of the outer surface and the perfect casting quality. The surface is not usually flat, but with...

    Shiboridashi "絞 り 出 し -  traditional Japanese teapot for brewing Sencha and Gyokuro

    The "Shiboridashi" is a tea utensil for enjoying high quality Japanese green tea such as Gyokuro. It compares very well with a gaiwan, but there are some differences. Most Shibos have a spout for pouring and a kind of filter that holds back the tea leaves when pouring.

    A shiboridashi is the best way to bring out the rich taste of Gyokuro. Because of this, it is loved by people who enjoy the taste of tea as the best way to maximize its aroma and guarantee delicious taste. Basically you can use all kinds of tea in a Shiboridashi, such as B. prepare Chinese green teas, oolong or pu erh.

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