Gongfucha Teacup shaped in Egg and Tulip form (60 ml)

    8,57 €

      Gongfucha tea cups made of ceramic Height: 6 cm Width: 4 cm Volume: approx. 60 ml Color: white with pattern

    Tea cup / tea bowl by Ales Dancak (20 ml)

    from 28,24 €

    Tea cup / tea bowl handmade by Ales Dancak detail: 100% handmade by Dancak from the Czech Republic with a fine green celadon glaze Height: 7 cm Volume: approx. 20...

    Tea cup / tea bowl with wood and ash glaze by Jiri Duchek (90 ml)

    49,42 €

    Handmade, glazed with natural wood ash, burned in a wood stove Handmade tea cups with natural glaze by Jiri Duchek Upper edge diameter approx. 9.5 cm Height approx. 4.5 cm ...

    Tea bowl by Berthold Neumann (120-180 ml)

    35,29 €

    Volume: 120-180ml Opening diameter: 8.5 cm to 12 cm These tea bowls are handmade by the artist Berthold Neumann from the Czech Republic and fired in a wood oven. Each...

    Zhiming Xie wood-fired tea cups (30-50 ml)

    39,32 €

    gentleman Xie is a Taiwanese ceramist known for his wood-fired teapots and tea accessories. His cups are characterized by a soft metal look with natural patterns created by the fire....

    Tea cup made from Taiwanese mineral earth by Wu Li Jiao (80 ml)

    494,11 €

    Hand-formed from native Taiwanese mineral clay by Wu Li Jiao, a treasure hunt for collectors The handmade teacup by Taiwanese artist Wu Li Jiao (吴丽 娇 / 吳麗 嬌)  Diameter...


    Depending on the shape and material of the cup, different parts of the aroma and taste are retained in the tea. If you put your tea in a Gong Dao Bei first and then divide it into different cups, you will be able to notice small or large differences. With us you will find your tea cup (s). From the unique hand-made by ceramists in China, Taiwan and Europe to simple, uniform cups. All of them are carefully selected by us so that they can become a valuable addition to your tea collection. Just choose the ones you like.

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