Tea accessories

    Yixing Hong Pi Long Xishi 红皮龙西施 (175 ml)

    170,42 €

    Semi-handmade mini teapot in the traditional Xishi shape Material: Original Yixing Hong Pi Long red clay Volume: 175 ml Yixing Xishi teapot (175 ml) semi-handmade from the original Hong Pi Long...

    Porcelain gaiwan set gray green (100-120 ml)

    65,54 €

    Porcelain Gaiwan set The Gaiwan has a volume of approx. 100-120 ml The height of the gaiwan is: 9-11 cm Volume of the cups: 20ml Saucer diameter: 15cm This porcelain...

    Tea tray made of bamboo, light brown

    29,24 €

    A tea tray made from light bamboo. The tray has 2 layers. There is a lid with grooves so that excess tea water can flow through the openings in the...

    Carved pu erh knife

    from 11,59 €

      Hand-carved pu erh knife This beautiful knife will help you to separate clean layers from your pu erh cakes. It has been decorated and carved by hand and sits...

    Glass Gong Dao Bei Diamond (270 ml)

    23,09 €

    High quality fairness cup for personal collection Gong Dao glass for "Diamond" 270 ml Square Gong Dao Bei with a volume of 270 ml and a crystal clear look. Very...

    Glass of Gong Dao Bei Melting Ice (250 ml)

    23,09 €

    Fairness Cup with a special, curved shape and gold rim  Glass of Gong Dao for "Melting Ice" with a volume of 250 ml Pretty and special Gong Dao Bei with...

    Tea strainer with handle

    6,00 €

    Practical tea strainer for pot and cup. Easy to clean A tea filter with a handle for teapots and cups A very practical metal tea strainer with side handle. This...

    Glass Gong Dao Bei Ripple (270 ml)

    23,09 €

    High quality fairness cup for personal collection Gong Dao At "Ripple" made of glass 270 ml Round gong Dao Bei made of glass with a volume of 270 ml in...

    Tea tray made of bamboo, light brown small

    19,67 €

    A small tea tray made of light bamboo. The tray has 2 layers. There is a lid with grooves so that excess tea water can flow through the openings in...

    Lotus tea strainer

    19,16 €

    Practical tea strainer for pot and cup. Easy to clean A lotus-shaped tea filter made from pewter A very practical pewter tea strainer with side handle, perfect for Kung-Fu preparation, for...

    Matcha broom (Chasen)

    16,08 €

    Matcha broom made of bamboo A classic matcha whisk made of light bamboo with 120 bristles for the traditional preparation of matcha. Here you will also find the Matcha ceramic...

    Matcha broom holder

    10,03 €

    A holder for your matcha broom so that it does not lose its beautiful shape. Just sit on it when you are not using the broom. Matcha broom holder made...

    Glass Gong Dao Bei square (300 ml)

    12,00 €

    Stable and large Gong Dao Bei for many guests Gong Dao Bei square made of glass with a volume of 300 ml A large Gong Dao Bei or Fairness Cup...

    Tea bag scissors crane / scissors

    9,58 €

    Material: stainless steel length: 9.5cm -12cm

    Yixing Zhuni Dragon Egg 朱泥龙蛋 (120 ml)

    227,90 €

    Semi-handmade teapot in traditional Longdan shape (dragon egg). Material: Original Yixing Zhuni, to be specific, Xiao Mei Yao, the best and rarest of red clay. The clay was mined in...

    Porcelain Matcha bowl white (450 ml)

    33,28 €

    Matcha bowl porcelain white A nice bowl for preparing matcha. Made of white porcelain, the color of the matcha is emphasized during preparation, as the contrast between white and green...

    Chaozhou Mini Xishi (110 ml)

    140,17 €

    Small Chaozhou Xishi jug handmade Chaozhou Mini Xishi Tea Pot (110 ml) A mini Gongfu Cha teapot that is perfect for tasting Gongfu style tea and for aesthetic collection.  ...

    Gongfucha Teacup shaped in Egg and Tulip form (60 ml)

    8,57 €

      Gongfucha tea cups made of ceramic Height: 6 cm Width: 4 cm Volume: approx. 60 ml Color: white with pattern

    Tea postcard

    1,51 €

    Size A6 (14 cm x 10 cm)Tea postcards for yourself or as a souvenir or as a souvenir to enrich the gift boxes for your friends. All tea postcards are...

    Yixing Wood-Fired Zini Dezhong 柴烧紫泥德中 (150 ml)

    282,35 €

    Yixing tea pot, semi-handmade from original purple clay from Huanglong Mountain Handmade teapot in traditional Dezhong shape (with large round spout) Material: Original Yixing purple clay from Yixing (to be...

    Yixing Hong Jiangponi Dragon Egg 龙蛋壶 (160 ml)

    127,06 €

    Semi-handmade Yixing Hong Jiangponi tea pot Material: Original Yixing red Jiangpo clay, pure clay, not glazed Volume: 160 ml Yixing Gongfu teapot (160 ml) semi-handmade from the original red Jiangpo...

    Bamboo tea tray vintage

    59,50 €

    Perfectly sized tea tray with a permeable bottom Bamboo tea tray brown in vintage style Bamboo tea tray with plastic tea waste drawer, large, brown, with a vintage used look....

    Mini Porcelain Gaiwan Pink (40 ml)

    45,38 €

    Mini porcelain gaiwan from Jingde Zhen Height: 4 cm Diameter: 4 cm Surface diameter: 7 cm Volume: 40 ml Material: porcelain 100% handmade Color: vintage pink

    Matcha broom (Chasen) black

    25,21 €

    Bamboo whisk made of black bamboo Matcha whisk made of bamboo (Chasen) This bamboo broom is made of black bamboo and looks particularly valuable and classy. Such a bamboo broom...

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