White tea

    2020 Shoumei White Tea Pearl

    1,51 €
    188,75 €/kg

    Pressed white tea pearl from Fuding Harvest: autumn 2020  Terroir: Tai Mu Mountain, Fuding, Fujian Tea cultivar: Cai Cha Aroma and taste: summer hay, honey, dried plumsBrewing temperature: 100 °...

    2017 Fuding Gongmei White Tea

    25,10 €
    251,00 €/kg

    What is Gongmei White Tea? Gongmei is a white tea with mostly large, ripe leaves and a small proportion of tea buds. According to a new national Chinese standard dated...

    2021 Fuding Silver Needle

    9,98 €
    499,00 €/kg

    The original Silver Needle Tea from Fuding, Fujian from the year 2021. Fuding Silver Needle 2021 This Fuding Silver Needle Tea is the first harvest of Fuding White Tea in...

    2021 Pu Erh Bai Ya Bao

    7,97 €
    159,40 €/kg

    2021 Pu Erh Bai Ya Bao (Yesheng / wild) Game and pesticide free harvest: 02.2021 Terroir: Bai Ying Shan, Lincang, Yunnan Province, China Material: The buds of old wild trees. These are...

    Yunnan Silver Needle

    13,01 €
    325,25 €/kg

    Silver needle tea from Yunnan China Yunnan Silver Needle "Baihao Yin Zhen" Taste rating: fruity, cantaloupe / honeydew melon with a raisin odor Yin Zhen Silver Needle Tea is one...

    2014 Fuding Shoumei White Tea

    79,67 €
    227,63 €/kg

     Fuding Shoumei white tea from 2014  Cultivar: Fuding Da Bai Cha Harvest: 2014 spring Taste: Herbal sweetness with fruity notes of apricots and Chinese dates A semi-aged white tea from...

    Gushu White Yunnan White Tea

    45,38 €
    226,90 €/kg

    Excellent white tea from Yunnan, China with natural sweet notes. Gushu White Yunnan White Tea Cake 200 g Harvest: April 15, 2021 A white tea made from Gushu material (old...

    2010 Fuding Gongmei White Tea

    156,30 €
    521,00 €/kg

    Fuding Gongmei white tea from 2010 Aroma: woody, fruity like dried plums and dried figs, a little bit spicy like cinnamon, herbaceous like summer hay taste: very sweet like fresh...

    2020 Fuding Silver Needle

    10,28 €
    514,00 €/kg

    This Fuding Silver Needle is the first picking of the Fuding White tea back in March 2020. It is from our trusted white tea plantation, located 600m above the sea...

    Bingdao Shengtai White

    16,14 €
    322,80 €/kg

    Bingdao Shengtai White Yunnan White Tea Cake 200 g Harvest: 04.2020 1 bud with 2 leaves from planted tea bushes Yunnan Da Ye Zhong cultivar Pesticide Free clearly fruity aroma...

    2021 Pai Mu Tan tea cake

    99,83 €
    332,77 €/kg

    2021 pre-Qingming Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) white tea This slice of Pai Mu Tan white tea was made in the Spring 2021 Harvested and pressed in Tai Mu Mountains in...

    2019 Fuding Shoumei White Tea

    76,64 €
    218,97 €/kg

    Fuding White Tea from 2019 Aroma of dry leaves: woody, vanilla, plum, anise spiceAroma of wet leaves: honey, woody, plum Taste: clear, light and sweet attack, followed by a rich...

    2022 Pai Mu Tan Teekuchen

    99,83 €
    332,77 €/kg

    2022 pre-Qingming Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) Weißer Tea This slice of Pai Mu Tan white tea was made in Spring 2022 Harvested and pressed in Tai Mu Mountains in Fuding,...

    White tea is the finest that the Camelia Sinensis tea plant has to offer. The very first, youngest leaves of the finest tea bushes are used for this treasure. The exact production varies depending on the variety.

    The result is a light and delicate taste that is often reminiscent of vanilla, cotton candy or honey. White tea never tastes obtrusive and does not become bitter even after being steeped for a long time.

    An extraordinary pleasure.

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