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2013 Laos Sheng Pu Erh

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Inhalt: 200 g



ca. 6 - 8 g


100 °C


15 - 25.

2013 Sheng Pu Erh from Phongsaly Laos

The tea is harvested in spring 2013 and pressed into 100 g slices so that you can easily break off a piece. The taste is typical of forest teas, mineral, sweet and complex, each infusion has different flavors.


The tea trees are Dashu, about 100 years old (but nobody really knows how old the trees are). Due to the age of the trees and undisturbed forests in Laos, the tea is very rich in minerals and can be brewed about 8 times (5 grams for a gaiwan or cup).

Since the tea was picked in 2013, it has lost the strong bitterness of a Sheng Pu Erh, it is pleasant with a medium consistency and with a sweet aftertaste reminiscent of plums and jasmine tea. The aftertaste is subtle but lingers on the tongue for a long time.

Tasting Notes From Our Tea Friends: 

Aroma: sweet, floral, pine, honey, hint of green tea

Taste: honey, smoky, velvety, earthy, floral


We recommend the Kung-Fu (Gongfu) preparation method to maximize the enjoyment of the tea.


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