Mingjian Rou Gui Oolong Alishan Taiwan 2014

2014 Mingjian Rou Gui Hong Oolong

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    A ripened oolong from Taiwan

    Mingjian Rou Gui Hong Oolong 2014

    This aged oolong had a wow effect on me when I drank it with a friend and Jonas last summer. I enjoyed it privately for a long time until recently. I don't have it in stock for my shop because my friends didn't seem as enthusiastic about this tea as I did. With my first sip of this tea, I understood why the variety is called Rou Gui (cinnamon). He took my understanding of Rou Gui to another level. I finally added this tea to our range because two weeks ago in the oolong tea seminar I found soulmates who were equally enthusiastic about this tea and insisted that I shouldn't just enjoy it alone, they also have to be able to buy it.

    This Mingjian Rou Gui is cultivated by a family in the Mingjian area of Nantou, Taiwan. The family has owned a small tea garden in this region for generations. In the 1980s she brought the Rou Gui variety from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian China.

    This Rou Gui Hong Oolong is special in that in the first step of production, the oxidation is carried out as with an Oolong, but then a second oxidation step follows as with a black / red tea (hong = red).

    I already mentioned that this tea made the Rou Gui variety understandable to me, because when it hits my tongue with the first sip, it has such a woody and sweet taste that it reminds me of cinnamon sticks, honey and red raisins. It also has a special aroma that I think I can attribute to unburned incense.

    Since this tea is 6 years old, the roasted aromas of the roast can no longer be tasted. Age has left us with the pure essence that this Rou Gui variety has to offer. The explosion of flavors with the first sip was not to be forgotten for me, even if I haven't had this tea for a long time.

    In the later sips and infusions, the combination of raisin, honey and cinnamon goes on forever. Even up to the 8th infusion, I can still taste the raisins as sweet.

    For me this tea is a pure pleasure. I think the reason why some people are not thrilled is that this new oolong (for example a new dancong) is much more reserved and calm due to its age compared to very fruity and roasted new oolong (for example a new dancong). But its depth goes far 细水长流.

    I hope you will agree with me and enjoy this 2014 Mingjian Rou Gui as well.

    This tea tastes best when it is prepared using the Gongfu method. Please read more about it here 👇.




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    How to brew

    in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


    ca. 6 - 8 g


    100 °C


    30-60 Sek.



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