2022 Xiao Hu Sai Gushu Sheng Pu Erh

2022 Xiao Hu Sai Gushu Sheng Pu Erh

  • sweet, gentle, velvety with very subtle bitterness and astringency only in the first 2 infusions
  • 1800 m
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Größe: 100 g

100 g
Probe (8 g)
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100 g Gushu Pu Erh aus Xiao Hu Sai Bergdorf


2022 Xiao Hu Sai Gushu (Xiao Hu Sai Gushu)

Harvest: 04.2022

The 2022 has a fruitier aroma and flavor than its 2020 and 2021 counterparts. The dry leaf aroma has a subtle note of sweet orange and osmanthus blossoms, which is more prominent on moist leaves. Compared to the previous teas, the taste of the Xiao Hu Sai 2022 is fruitier and less grassy. The fruity notes in the first 3 infusions are reminiscent of sweet oranges and osmanthus blossoms. In the first infusions there is also a subtle trace of milkiness and creaminess to recognize. The bitterness and astringency come to the fore from the second infusion and last for about 3 more infusions.

All in all, this was the best version of any Xiao Hu Sai Pu Erh we have in our store.

Xiao Hu Sai is a small mountain village of 45 families in Lincang City, Yunnan Province, China. Located in a deep mountain at 1800m above sea level, the village is hidden from the modern world. Modern facilities such as electricity and roads were only introduced to the village more than 10 years ago. Roads and paths are not suitable roads for transport, but roads made of compacted mud for pedestrians. In such an isolated environment, the semi-wild ancient tea trees left behind by ancestors have provided them with cash crops.



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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 5-8 g


100 °C


10 Sek.


Yunnan / China
Frühjahr April 2021
1800 m
sweet, gentle, velvety with very subtle bitterness and astringency only in the first 2 infusions
Xiao Hu Sai has been one of the cheapest Pu-Erh teas in China for the past two years, and has been stored in Dresden since spring 2021

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Customer Reviews

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Philipp R.
Xiao Hu Sai

Für mich ist dieser Sheng nicht so toll, bei 5g im Gaiwan schmeckt er nach nichts und macht man 1g mehr rein, wird er unappetitlich bitter. Das Blattmaterial sieht sehr nach Teebruch aus, mit ein paar BigLeaves dabei. Von außen sieht man teilweise schöne große Blätter, bricht man den Kuchen auf, so sieht man viel kleinkram. Genauso wie beim aufbrühen im Gaiwan, ich hab noch nie so viel kleinzeug in einem Kuchen gesehen. Xiao hu sai hab ich erst diesen hier probiert und wenn der traditionell so schmecken soll dann mag ich keinen xiao hu sai pu erh...

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