2023 Lushan Yunwu - Der Nebel des Berges Lu

  • cremig, buttrig, erfrischend & süß
  • 900 m
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Exclusive highland tea from misty Mount Lu

Lushan Yunwu - Der Nebel des Berges Lu


Harvest: 29.04.2023 

Aroma of the dry leaves: nutty, refreshing, floral
Wet Leaves Aroma: nutty, like roasted beans,
Taste: creamy, buttery like a good yellow tea, refreshing and sweet
mouthfeel: medium thick

Lushan Yunwu Green Tea is produced in Lu Mount, Jiangxi Province. Yunwu means mist. The main growing area of Lushan Yunwu tea is at an altitude of 900m, where clouds and mist form due to the water vapor of the rivers and lakes in the area. There are 195 foggy days a year and you can often see a sea of clouds. Hence the name of the tea, Lushan Yunwu, the mist of Mount Lu. Because of the relatively slow warming here at 900m, the tea tree tends to sprout in late spring when the monsoon rains arrive, ie. H. late April to early May. And because the time of expulsion is the foggiest day, the tea has a unique quality. 


We recommend the Gongfu Method to brew the tea.

  1. Use a small (about 200ml) teapot or gaiwan.
  2. Heat the vessel by adding hot water. Then pour out the water.
  3. Pour 6 grams of tea (about 6 teaspoons) into the pot (don't forget to smell the dry tea leaves in the pot at this point, you will be amazed by it sweet and nutty aroma be surprised).
  4. Pour 80°C water over the tea. This first infusion is also poured away.
  5. Then pour 80°C water on the tea again.
  6. Let the tea steep for about 10 seconds (longer steeping will make the tea bitter)
  7. Enjoy this exclusive highland tea from Sichuan.

That way you can at least get the tea 6 x infuse



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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 6 g


75 °C


10 - 20.


900 m
cremig, buttrig, erfrischend & süß

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Customer Reviews

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Janika R.

2023 Lushan Yunwu - Der Nebel des Berges Lu

Denis D.
Yunwu mit dezenter Süße

Ein guter Yunwu mit einer dezenten Süße und einem vollmundigen Aufguß. Danke.

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