Bingdao Shengtai White


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16,14 €322,80 €/kg
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95 °C


30 Sek.

Bingdao Shengtai White

Yunnan White Tea Cake 200 g

  • Harvest: 04.2020
  • 1 bud with 2 leaves from planted tea bushes
  • Yunnan Da Ye Zhong cultivar
  • Pesticide Free
  • clearly fruity aroma and herbal sweetness

Shengtai means natural and from a pesticide-free tea garden; at the same time, the term usually means that the leaves come from a planted tea garden, but not from old tea trees or wild tea trees. Our Bingdao Shengtai White is a white tea from organic tea garden in Bingdao Village in Bangma Da Xue Shan (Mountain), Lincang City, Yunnan Province, China.

Bingdao Pu Erh tea (especially the Gushu tea / tea from ancient tea trees) enjoys a great reputation in China and is one of the most exclusive teas sought by people in and outside of China. This white tea is made from large bushes that were planted 40 years ago by villagers in a garden where no chemicals are used.

That Aroma this white tea is fruity like the skin of apricots and peaches with a hint of mint.

the taste of the tea is reminiscent of fresh sugar cane, peach, honey with a very subtle bitterness.

What surprises me most about this tea are the endless infusions it offers. Tea usually has the strongest second or third infusion, but this Bingdao White only begins its essence with the fifth infusion and then you can enjoy its essence up to 10 infusions or more. There just seems to be no end to its sweetness.

Preparation of Bingdao Shengtai White 

  • 6-8 g for 100-150 ml of water
  • with hot water from 90 to 95 centigrade
  • approx. 20 seconds into a gaiwan or 3 minutes in a teapot (approx. 800ml)
  • 8 times infusions are easily possible with the, without the taste becoming noticeably less. We recommend increasing the brewing time a little with each infusion.


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Pressed White Tea
Yunnan Da Ye Zhong
April 2020
distinctly fruity aroma and herbal sweetness, sugar cane, peach, honey
Bingdao Village, Mengku County, Lincang City, Yunnan
1 bud with 2 leaves from planted tea bushes. Pesticide free

Customer Reviews

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Axel G.
Diese Frische!

Überrascht von dem freundlichen fruchtigen Aroma merke ich im Abgang eine unerwartete, fast minzige Frische.

Der lächelte mich noch nach 5 Aufgüssen fröhlich an, das Bouqet nach Honig im Raum. Der Tee macht mir Spaß!

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