Hekai Guangbie Sheng Pu Erh 2021
2021 Hekai Guangbie Sheng Pu Erh
2021 Hekai Guangbie Sheng Pu Erh
2021 Hekai Guangbie Sheng Pu Erh

2021 Hekai Guangbie Sheng Pu Erh

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Größe: 200 g (Cake)

200 g (Cake)
8 g (Sample)
100g (1/2 cake)

a strong and sweet daily pu erh tea


Hekai Spring Sheng Pu Erh

Harvest: 04.2021

Manufacture: Guangbie Village, Hekai Mountain

Tea trees: Dashu, 50-60 years old

This Hekai 2021 is a first class Sheng Pu Erh (Raw Pu Erh Tea) from large trees from the Guangbie village in Hekai Mountain in southern China. Sheng Pu Erh tea comes from “Dashu” tea trees. Dashu means big trees 50-150 years old, and Gushu (old trees) are at least 150-800 years old. This Sheng Pu Erh is not from Gushu (old tea trees) but from relatively young trees.

This Sheng Pu Erh has just arrived in Dresden (05.2021).

Aroma of the dry leaves in a warm gaiwan: baked bread, fruity-sour like dried apricot, summer hay and dark honey (not very fruity or flowery)

Aroma of the hot wet leaves: smoky and sweet like burnt sugar, subtle acidity that changes from dried apricot to lime acidity (very subtle)

Taste: like toasted bread with honey spread, about astringency, sweet and delicately bitter with a very sweet aftertaste. It tastes quite mineral with a very subtle saltiness and lime acidity.

consistency: smooth, medium thick (medium thin), leaves a certain astringency after swallowing.

about Gushu and Dashu

In contrast to the usual tea bushes in the fields, Gushu and Dashu grow wild in forests and deep mountains. Due to the aging process, the tea leaves develop a unique character that cannot be compared with any other type of tea.

Sheng Pu Erh from large and old trees is more complex in taste, bitter, sweet or both, mineral, fruity, floral or all. The tastes evolve and change day to day, month to month, year to year, and decade to decade. This is because the leaves are still very active. They can easily be influenced by many factors, such as: B. the season, humidity, storage conditions, age of the tea, age of the tea tree, etc.



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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 5-8 g


95 °C


10 Sek.


Sheng Pu Erh
Yunnan Da Ye Zhong
sweet like toasted bread with honey spread, astringency and delicate bitterness with a very sweet aftertaste. Mineral with a very subtle saltiness and lime acidity.
Hekai Mountain, Guangbie Village
The leaves come from tea trees that are around 50 years old.

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