2020 Huazhu Liangzi Gushu Sheng Pu Erh


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100 °C


10 Sek.

Gentle, sweet Sheng Pu Erh from high altitude


Huazhu Liangzi 滑 竹 梁子 2020

Harvest: 10.2020

Huazhu Liangzi is a mountain in Mengsong County, Xishuang Banna, Yunnan, southern China. The summit of Huazhu Liangzi is the highest mountain in the region and is 2400 m above sea level. The taste of this tea is as unique as the height of the summit. It's the cutest sheng pu erh I've tried so far. The sweetness starts from the beginning when the liquid reaches your throat and lingers there for the next 30 minutes. Not only is the sweetness unique, but also the cooling effect on your throat.

The sweetness is reminiscent of candy sugar. Its aroma that lingers in your mouth isn't particularly floral, but subtly fruity like a juicy fresh sugar cane that people of Southeast Asia can't stop chewing on in hot summers (a tiny bit of jasmine if you put on the back of your tongue pay attention).

There is no bitterness to taste. The liquid is very silky and velvety. After swallowing, it is not dry or astringent on your tongue at all. It is one of the most soothing Sheng Pu Erh teas I know. Every sip is pure sweet pleasure.


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