Jasmine Dragon Pearls


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75 °C


1-2 Min.

Hand-rolled, finest jasmine tea

Jasmin Dragon Pearls Green Tea (Jasmin Tea Dragon Pearls)

Harvest: spring 2021

Pure green tea with a jasmine aroma made from fresh jasmine flowers, without any added aroma.

Jasmine dragon pearl tea is one of the most famous green teas from China.

This tea is also known by its English name Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea.

Jasmine tea in balls - How is this special jasmine tea made?

Jasmine tea is generally made from green tea. Tea leaves have the property of sucking in and absorbing the surrounding scent very strongly.
After the fresh, green tea leaves have been plucked and oxidized a little, they are steeped with fresh ones for at least one night Jasmine flowers mixed.

The jasmine plant (Real jasmine) is a climbing plant that is particularly common in Asia, more precisely in the Himalayan region and in southern China. Its special characteristic are the pleasantly fragrant, white flowers.

The tea leaves are stored together with the fresh jasmine flowers. When the tea leaves have taken on the aroma of the jasmine flowers, they are separated from them again. This process leads to a natural jasmine aroma.

The tea is then poured into the hand Perlenform rolled. Hence the name of the tea. And although the tea has this spherical shape when dry, it will unfold back to its original shape when brewed with hot water. This process is very nice to watch.

Taste of the jasmine tea balls

In general, the taste of the later tea is strongly influenced by the aroma of the jasmine flowers. This gives the tea a light and fresh taste with a touch of flowers and a pleasant, sweet aftertaste.

The tea not only quenches thirst and refreshes the mind, that floral aroma also helps to lift the mood.

What color is the jasmine dragon pearl tea?

The color of the prepared jasmine tea ranges from yellow-green to light green, as with most green teas.

The better jasmine teas usually have a perfect, round, spherical shape and the tea made from them has a clear green color with a very refreshing scent of jasmine.

Preparation of the jasmine tea balls

To have a good cup of tea with the Jasmine balls To prepare, we recommend bringing the water to a temperature of 80˚C like with all green teas. If you don't have a thermometer, just wait a few minutes after the water has boiled.

    1. Heat fresh water to 80 ° C
    2. Put 1-2 teaspoons of tea per 1l of water in a sieve
    3. pour the hot water over the tea leaves
    4. Let the jasmine tea steep for 2-4 minutes
    5. remove the sieve from the jug / cup
    6. Enjoy the tea and pour hot water 2-3 times again

How is jasmine tea served?

It should be the best Jasmine dragon pearl tea be drunk with white porcelain cups so that you can see the color of the tea and the warmth is well preserved.

Glass cups are of course also very suitable. It is important that you can watch the beautiful process when the jasmine balls unfold.


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Loser Grüner Tee
Frühjahr 2021
frisches, blumiges Aroma, süßer Nachgeschmack

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Pia W.
Genau das richtige für einen gemütlichen Feierabend

Jasmin Drachenperlen. Ein Genuss für „alle“Sinne.
Nicht nur sehr lecker sondern besonders schön, wenn sich die Drachenperlen im heißen Teewasser vor meinen Augen entfalten.
Wenn dann der Jasminduft meine Nase erreicht bin ich zu Hause!
Mit entspannten Grüßen Pia


Jaamintee..Einfach lecker u ein Duft sehr schön.
Hab diesen Tee auch schon verschenkt.
Kam sehr gut an..
Kann ich empfehlen.

Wolfhard S.
Meine erste Wahl beim Jasmintee

Ich schmecke sowohl den blumigen Jasmin als auch den Tee selbst. Beide Geschmackskomponenten stehen im für mich richtigen Verhältnis zueinander.
Andere Jasmintees wurden mittlerweile entsorgt (weggetrunken). Ich bleibe bei diesem hier.

Nika E.

Jasmin Drachenperlen

Cédric Y.P.
Hohe Qualität und grosser Genuss

Der Tee ist von hoher Qualität und führt zu einem grossen Genuss. Er wurde in einer passenden, feuchtigkeitsgeschützten Verpackung geliefert.

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