2012 Manzhuan Sheng Pu Erh
2012 Manzhuan Sheng Pu Erh
2012 Manzhuan Sheng Pu Erh

2012 Manzhuan Sheng Pu Erh

  • clear, sweet, fruity, woody, pleasant
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100 g
400 g (Brick)
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Manzhuan Sheng Pu Erh 400g slice with strong tea energy





Manzhuan Huangshan 2012 Sheng Pu Erh (Aged Pu Erh) - 400g bricks

蛮 砖 荒山 2012 (400g)

Manzhuan is a tea mountain in Mengla county, north-west to Yiwu tea mountain.

Manzhuan Huangshan means the wild or deserted part in Manzhuan mountain.

This Manzhuan Sheng Pu Erh, an old tree material harvested in 2012, is a good value for money. At a very reasonable price, this tea has all the good quality of a well-aged Sheng Pu Erh has to offer. - clean taste and nice tea energy.

I brewed my Manzhuan 2012 in my Yixing Zini, Zhuni and Gaiwan today. Here is a briefing of my experience. After rinsing the three little ones with boiling water, dry leaves of 2012 Manzhuan Sheng Pu Erh in the Zini smelled smoky, in Zhuni less smoky, in Gaiwan  fruity and not smoky. There was also the smell of the Zini clay while no trace of the clay to my nose in Zhuni or Gaiwan. The leaves were also very earthy in Zini, less earthy in Zhuni and not much earthy but very fruity in Gaiwan. Taste (1st infusion) of the tea in Zini was creamy, warm like biscuits and fruity in Zini, very fruity but no creaminess in Zhuni, quite fruity in Gaiwan without creaminess or biscuits warmth either. Body of the tea was thick or medium thick in Zini, medium on the thin side in Zhuni and thin and watery in Gaiwan. After the 1st infusion, cooling body sensation and very sweet aftertastes, but of course, not from 1 certain cup but should be the sum of the three. The second infusion was mostly just fruity and sweet in all three, but much more concentrated in Zini than in Zhuni and least in Gaiwan. Mouthfeel was medium on the thin side in Zini and Zhuni, and watery in Gaiwan. When I waited until the tea cooled down, the cup from Zhuni remained sweet without much bitterness but the other two cups were bitter sweet. The colour of the liquid was always darker from Zini, and orange from Zhuni and pale-orange from Gaiwan. To sum up, I definitely chose my Yixing Zini as the winner of the three for brewing this Manzhuan 2012 Sheng Pu Erh.



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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 6 - 8 g


100 °C


15 - 25.


Yunnan / China
clear, sweet, fruity, woody, pleasant
The tea comes from old trees found in wild areas in the mountains.

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Customer Reviews

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Roberto C.
Tee ist lecker! Verpackung lässt stark zu wünschen übrig.

Der Tee ist sehr lecker, mag ich wirklich sehr!
Jedoch war we Wrapper des Cakes, ziemlich ramponiert - darf meiner Meinung nicht sein! (Ausser der Tee ist wirklich Antik, da kann es natürlich auch vorkommen)
So eine Erfahrung hatte ich bei einem anderen Teeshop aus England noch nie..

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