Bio Miyazaki Kanayamidori Zeremonien-Matcha
Bio Miyazaki Kanayamidori Matcha 50g
Bio Miyazaki Kanayamidori Matcha 50g

Organic Miyazaki Kanayamidori Ceremonial Matcha

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    Inhalt: 50 g

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    Miyazaki Kanayamidori Ceremonial Matcha

    Harvest: 2020 spring

    Full-bodied ceremonial matcha from Miyazaki 宫 崎 市, Japan. Made from the cultivar Kanayamidori. The plantation on Kyusu in Miyazaki was shaded about 4 weeks before harvest, and the leaves were ground in stone mills in Kakegawa.

    Intense umami notes with nuances of walnut and watermelon. Pleasant sweetness.


    This Matcha should best be prepared classically in a Matcha bowl.

      1. Add matcha to the matcha bowl. Use 2 matcha spoons (approx. 1 flat teaspoon) in 100-150 ml of water.
      2. Heat your water to around 60 ° C.
      3. First pour about 1 teaspoon of the water into the bowl and use the matcha whisk to make a paste.
      4. Now pour in up to 100 ml of water and foam the matcha with the broom. To do this, move the broom in a "W-shape" until the water is sufficiently foamed.
      5. You can drink the matcha straight from the bowl. Or you can pour it into two small cups if you want to enjoy the Matcha for two.


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    How to brew

    in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


    ca. 3-4 g


    65 °C


    10-20 Sek.


    Organically certified DE-ÖKO-39 - Non-EU-Agricalture

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    David I.K.
    Wild Mountain Ranges

    Vast ranges of wild mountains lingered in my mind the moment I took a sip. Huge and fierce, but not violent, rather respectable and neutral in energy. This matcha is just amazing; every sip of it is a journey into this world for me. An absolute good choice.

    Jana F.
    Ein sehr feiner Matcha mit sanfter Note

    Ich mochte die sanfte Note dieses Matcha vom ersten Moment. Ein sehr feiner Tee , der sofort durch das Sieb rieselt . Der Geschmack dürfte Anfänger und Matcha Liebhaber begeistern 🍵

    Lucas L.
    Toller Geschmack

    Die Nuss-Noten sind sehr präsent - wunderbare Konsistenz und schöne Farbe.

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