Osmanthus blossom tea

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Floral, fruity, invigorating and completely natural

Osmanthus tea

Osmanthus flowers look very similar to elder flowers. "Osmanthus" is Chinese and literally means translated Scented flowersbecause they smell appealingly sweet and like champagne.

The Chinese use osmanthus for dessert, Chinese pastries and cakes for added smell and smell sweet taste. They also use the flower in winemaking to develop special fragrant wines.

Osmanthus tea has been a popular drink in China for hundreds of years. The Chinese drink osmanthus tea alone or mix osmanthus with green tea as well as black tea.

The Chinese believe that osmanthus with Keemun tea is particularly effective against a stressed stomach and helps to relax. The tea warms up the stomach and leads to quick relief.

Our golden osmanthus tea is organic, completely naturally dried and not treated with sulfur, which is used to maintain the color of the fresh flowers. Osmanthus, which is treated with chemicals as it dries, can smell and taste much stronger, and the color of the flowers looks pale yellow too. But naturally dried organic osmanthus does not look so light yellow, but rather gold or brown, has only a subtle beautiful aroma and no exaggerated aroma.



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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 3-4 g


100 °C


2-3 Min.


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