Pu Erh Mini Tuo Cha Tee
Pu Erh Mini Tuo Cha

2018 Pu Erh Mini Tuo Cha

  • woody, slightly smoky, earthy, earth after rain with wet mushrooms
  • 1500 m
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Size: 50 g

50 g
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Small, pressed Pu Erh cakes for on the go. Characteristic Pu Erh taste. Malty, earthy


Pu Erh Mini Tuo Cha (pressed Pu Erh tea)

Taste: woody, slightly smoky, earthy, earth after rain with wet mushrooms 
very refreshing, awakening
Country of origin of the tea: Yunnan Province, China

Neither black tea nor green tea, but dark tea

Recently, more and more young girls and boys have come to my shop to specifically ask for Pu Erh tea. I was very surprised at the beginning, because pu erh tea is the kind of tea you can make either really hates or loves deeply. Most of the people I meet in Germany hate him.

A girl came twice for pu erh tea. I told her that she really amazed me with her fondness for Pu Erh tea.

Like the forest after the rain

She said that she only has Pu Erh tea today. She personally thinks Pu Erh tea tastes good like forest after the rain and it reminds her of a forest full of wet leaves, stone and moss. This tea brings you closest to nature.

I was intrigued by her description of Pu Erh tea and I was really happy that more and more people were asking for Pu Erh tea.

It takes time to appreciate pu erh tea.

For novice tea drinkers or for people who have unfortunately bought poor quality Pu Erh tea, the taste may not be like fresh forest, but more like fish soup or wet cellar.

In the west, people have long specialized in the refinement of beverages and food through aging, for example old wine and cheese. The idea of aging tea is largely unknown. Pu Erh tea is an aged and microbially fermented tea.

Refined tea

Pu Erh tea is the pride of Yunnan Province in the south of China.

After picking, the leaves are first dried on bamboo bowls for 5 to 6 hours. At this stage the leaves are turned into maocha (preform of tea). Then Maocha is briefly cooked in warm metal pans and rolled by hand, after which it is placed in a “green house” to dry for another day. The dried tea is placed in a bag full of trees and steamed before being pressed into various shapes.

When the pressed tea is removed from the tree bag, it is still steaming and is then placed on racks for the final drying process. At this stage the tea is known as Pu Erh Sheng Cha (Pu Erh Raw Tea), which is already fully oxidized and is ready for the aging and fermentation that take many years to make Pu Erh Raw Tea into Pu Erh Ripe Tea (Pu Erh Shu Cha).

The taste of high quality pu erh tea ranges from light smoke and polished wood to wet leaves and earth. But it should be noted that Pu Erh tea with poor fermentation and quality only makes the tea taste musty and fishy.

You can also find loose Pu Erh tea in our shop. We also offer very tasty Pu Erh mixes such as Pu Erh Christmas Cake or Pu Erh Christmas Tea.

Prepare the pu erh mini tuo cha

  1. Break half of the Pu Erh Mini Tuo Cha and add it to a cup, or put the entire piece of Mini Tuo Cha in a jug (approx. 0.80 L water).

  2. Pour boiled water into the jug and leave 10 seconds before pouring the water away. This will help rinse the tea leaves and warm up the teapot.

  3. Fill the pot with boiling water a second time.

  4. Let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes.

  5. Enjoy the tea in ceramic or porcelain cups.

Pu Erh mini Tuo Cha can brewed several times become. The taste gets weaker every time.

Pu Erh tea must be in one clean, dark, dry and airy place be stored. Excessive moisture leads to mold.



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Delivery takes place within 4-5 working days, conveniently as a DHL package or DHL parcel to your home. You can find the exact shipping costs on the Shipping & Delivery page.

How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 6 - 8 g


100 °C


15 - 25.


Yunnan / China
Frühjahr Spring 2018
1500 m
woody, slightly smoky, earthy, earth after rain with wet mushrooms
stored in Dresden since 2018

What does Teewald stand for?

When we founded Teewald in 2016, our mission was the same as it is today: to offer the world's best teas for a unique taste experience.

At Teewald you will find exceptional teas of outstanding quality. Perfect tea leaves of various shapes. Complex flavors. Subtle nuances. Transparent origin and processing.

With Teewald you support a small, independent family business from Dresden.

Please come visit us.

- Yang & Jonas (Founder of Teewald)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tolle kleine Tuos

Die kleinen Tuos haben eine super Wo dui-Süße. Nirgends anders habe ich das bisher gefunden. Ich empfehle ein kurzes Aufweichen der Tuos mit 80 Grad für eine halbe Minute und dann den ersten Aufguß mit 90 Grad für eine Minute inkl. Abgießen. Dann hat man einen guten Aufguß.

marcel w.
geschmack ist zu zart und fast pfade

der tee ist nicht sehr intensiv im geschmack, war anders zu erwarten/kenne ich anders !
wirkt etwas überlagert

Andreas L.
Gesund & Mild

Eine feine Qualität für Kenner 🫖

Denis D.

Als kleine Tuos gar nicht schlecht. Die kleinen Stücke haben ein Gewicht zwischen 4 u. 5 Gramm. Mit Jahrgang 2018 sind die kleinen Tuos auch gar nicht fischig, riechen nicht mehr nach `wo dui´. Gibt guten Pu Erh fun mit einer dezenten Ripe Süße und einer prägnanten Bitterness bei stärkerem Aufguß. Von mir eine Kaufempfehlung.

Taigsun Y.



Ich bin der absolute Pu Erh Tee Fan! Morgens zum Frühstück gibt's für mich nix anderes als richtig starken Pu Erh Tee. :) Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Tee.

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