Hochwertiger Pu Erh Premium Tee aus Yunnan China
Pu Erh Tee hohe Premium Qualität

2017 Pu Erh Premium Tea

  • Caramel, dark chocolate, nutty, mushrooms, mineral, with a sweet aftertaste
  • 1800 m
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particularly aromatic!


Pu Erh Premium Tea


Taste rating: Caramel, dark chocolate, nutty mushrooms, with a sweet aftertaste

A noble variety of the special "dark tea" Pu Erh Premium!

Pu Erh is used by the oldest tea bushes of Yunnan Province in China. Already over 2000 years tea was harvested and processed here.

Pu Erh Premium is our best Pu Erh tea! Pu Erh is like wine - the older the better! This premium tea is harvested from the oldest tea bushes in Yunnan.


This Pu Erh Premium impresses with a spicy and earthy Aroma and a reddish cup.
The taste is very fresh and earthy. One reminds of him Forest after the rain, full of wet leaves, stones and moss.

The taste is very distinctive and unique, like the landscape and history of Yunnan Province, which is different from other regions in China. This region of China, bordering Burma and Vietnam, is full of hidden natural treasures and a huge variety of ethnic cultures.

Some people do not like the smell and taste of Pu Erh tea because of their first experience of Pu Erh being of poor quality, which is very dusty and fishy. However, this Pu Erh Premium doesn't have any of the dusty and fishy taste.


Do you drink coffee because it gives you energy and makes you more focused? Well, very caffeinated pu erh tea has the same effect, but the effect lasts longer. In addition, pu erh tea relaxes the body and mind for the whole day while coffee stresses the body for more focus in a short time.

Pu Erh tea is also known for helping to maintain a healthy stomach. The Chinese believe that pu erh is the best option of tea for keeping a slim and fit body figure.

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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 6 - 8 g


100 °C


15 - 25.


Yunnan / China
Frühjahr Spring 2017
1800 m
Caramel, dark chocolate, nutty, mushrooms, mineral, with a sweet aftertaste
stored in Dresden since 2017

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Iwona T.

Schnelle Lieferung, leckere Geschmack

Olga E.
Erdig und cremig

Sehr leckerer Tee, cremig und dezent im Geschmack.

In Ordnung als Loose Leaf

Der Ripe hat eine moderate Süße. Ich hatte einst einen Ripe, der war haargenau so, und der war aus Wuliang.

Susanne K.


Renars S.
Great tea

Gutten Tag aus Lettland!
We were looking for a real loose tea shop in EU with reasonable shipping prices and high-quality tea. Teewald is the one we will be buying again!

Serhii K.


Waldemar F.

Das war alles gut!

Aleksej D.
Shu pu erh Experte 😁

Schöner ausgeglichener shu pu erh 👌

Ralf L.
Jeden Cent wert!

Schnell geliefert, Top Qualität!

Michael M.
Der beste den ich bisher trinken durfte…


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