Purple White Pu Erh

  • floral, fruity and sweet with honeysuckle and apricot
  • 1500m
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Size: 200 g cake

200 g cake
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Excellent white tea with purple buds from Yunnan, China,

Purple White Pu Erh / Ziya White Tea

Harvest: 03.04.2023

Growing area: Yiwu, Yunnan

Altitude: 1500 - 1600m

Cultivar: Pu Erh (Yunnan Da Ye Zhong)


Apricot and other dried berries, hay, very floral and fresh honeysuckle

The taste

Sweet and bitter honeysuckle tea, fine citrus acidity

This white tea is made from purple buds from the first flowering period of Pu Erh in the Yiwu Mountains. Purple buds are rare and the reason why they are more purple than green is not yet known exactly. It could be due to the dryness and lots of sun that the tea trees received in the spring of 2023. The white tea made from these purple leaves has much more floral notes with a medicinal aroma in the background.


This white tea with purple buds can be brewed in the Gongfu style at about 90 °C and 10-20 seconds per infusion (4-5g per 150ml-200ml).

It also tastes great when brewed in a cup with fewer tea leaves and a longer brewing time (e.g. 2 g for 5 minutes).

Try to break off as large pieces as possible from the tea cake. You can use a Pu Erh knife for this, for example, but an oyster knife or letter opener can also help. Try to leave the leaves as intact as possible.



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Yunnan / China
spring 2023
floral, fruity and sweet with honeysuckle and apricot
made from purple buds of the first flush of Pu Erh in the Yiwu Mountains

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