Rou Gui Zhengyan Yancha (Felsen Tee)
Rougui Wuyi Yancha (Felsen Tee)
Rou Gui Zhengyan Yancha (Felsen Tee)
Rou Gui Zhengyan Yancha (Felsen Tee)

Rougui Wuyi Yancha (Rock Tea)

  • Woody, sweet, spicy, mineral, warm like baked goods and and heated stone in hot summer
  • 250 m
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Size: Fruity 8 g

Fruity 8 g
Creamy 8 g

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Good dark oolong tea (Yancha / Rock tea) from Fujian, China. Mid-grade quality. Very good as an introduction to the oolong world.


Rougui (cinnamon scent) a famous stone tea / rock tea (yancha)

Rock Tea (Yancha) is a type of tea that grows on very stony soils. This explains why most rock teas have a very rich mineral taste. The Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province are known for their variety of good rock teas. Rock teas differ in their varieties, processing methods, degrees of oxidation and degrees of roasting.

Rougui means cinnamon in Chinese because this tea has a special aftertaste that is reminiscent of spices. The tea tastes smoky, roasted, sweet, mineral with a spicy and sweet aftertaste.

How long should this yancha last?

Depending on whether you like the tea western style in a large jug prepare or in the traditional "Gong Fu style" you should pay attention to clearly different brewing times:

  • For example, if you brew a liter of oolong, you should use the tea about 3-4 minutes to let go. If it pulls even longer, it becomes more intense. It's best to use 2-3 teaspoons of tea leaves for this amount of water.

  • Do you choose the preparation Gong Fu style in a gaiwan or a small clay pot (yixing) you should let the tea steep for a much shorter time. As you know, you pour away the first infusion. For the second infusion a guideline value of approx. 20-30 seconds. The amount of tea you add is, however, much higher! Use approx. 3 teaspoons on approx. 200ml tea! Due to the short steeping time, the tea does not become too strong. The aroma and intensity of the taste is overwhelming. Can you see the different nuances?

Please note that the tea comes in different packaging, but the content is the same Rougui Oolong.


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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 6 - 8 g


100 °C


30 - 60.


Spring 2021
250 m
Woody, sweet, spicy, mineral, warm like baked goods and and heated stone in hot summer
Both the orange and blue bags are from Wuyi National Park, albeit with slightly different flavors.

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Customer Reviews

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2 Stammplätze

Sind Beide hervorragend und ausgesprochen lecker. Beide gleich nochmal bestellt und Beide bekommen einen Stammplatz in meiner Sammlung. Die Beschreibung könnte nicht besser sein, kann Beide nur empfehlen.

Tim H.
In meine Hall of fame aufgenommen....

Ein sehr guter Tee der mich überrascht hat.Ich hatte mich noch nie mit Felsentee auseinander gesetzt. In der Tat schmeichelt er meinem Gaumen und hat meinen Horizont erweitert.

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