2015 Royal Tribute Shu Pu Erh

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Size: 200 g (Cake)

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49,42 €247,10 €/kg
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ca. 4 - 5 g


100 °C


15-25 Sek.

Shu Pu Erh 2015 from Wo Kan Shan, Simao

We sincerely recommend this tea to anyone who enjoys drinking Shu Pu Erh.

  • Pesticide-free (tested in China and Germany)
  • Gongting Grade / Royal Grade (Top Quality from Shu Pu Erh)
  • Harvested in 2015
  • Wodui in 2019 (pile up for fermentation)
  • Pressed into cake in 2020
  • From Wo Kan Shan in Simao, Yunnan Province (1560 m above sea level)
  • Material from tea trees planted with seeds in the 1960s
  • Yunnan Da Ye Zhong variety
  • Processing diagram: Picking - slight wilting - frying - drying by sunlight (晒 青) - stake fermentation (WoDui) - drying - sorting and sorting (refining) - steaming - pressing into a disc shape with a stone


Aroma and taste: unsweetened cocoa and grass puding (Chinese dessert made from a kind of green grass , 龟苓膏)
Mouthfeel: Rice soup (soup made from rice porridge)

What does Royal Tribute (Gong Ting) mean?

The harvest of Yunnan Da Ye Zhong is divided into 11 classes (special class and 1-10 classes) based on the ratio of buds and leaves. The special class must contain more than 70% of the one-bud, one-leaf pickings and less than 30% of the one-bud, two-leaf pickings. Class 1 contains more than 70% of the harvest with one bud and two leaves. Class 2 contains more than 60% of the one-bud, two / three-leaf crop and 50% of the same crop for Class 3; Class 4 contains more than 70% of the one-bud three / four-leaf harvest and 50% of the same harvest for class 5 ......

Usually grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 are used to make Shu Pu Erh; Grades 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 are used to make Sheng Pu Erh. Therefore, Shu Pu Erh has 6 classes on the market, including the special class with a bud and a leaf. What you normally hear “Gong Ting” is the same as the special class.

One-bud-one-leaf and one-bud-two-leaf harvest are considered exclusive quality. The exclusive quality is not always preferred by seasoned Shu Pu Erh drinkers, however, as they usually produce a silky mouthfeel but are not as durable as the lower grades with fewer buds and more old leaves. The lower grades have a less silky and thick consistency at the beginning, they offer endless infusions and after 8 infusions can be cooked for more tea. As the lower grades age, the consistency becomes thicker and it is possible to achieve the silkiness of a gonging grade.


We recommend the traditional one "Gong Fu Preparation" for this tea:

  1. Warm a small teapot of about 200 ml with boiling water
  2. Pour out the water about 7 grams of tea in the jug
  3. Pour boiling water on the Pu Erh, wait 3 seconds and pour the tea away
    (This step serves to activate the pressed tea and to remove any dust)
  4. Pour boiling water again on the pu erh tea. Let it steep for about 20 seconds.

This aged pu erh tea can be made with kung fu broths infused at least 8 times become.


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Shu Pu Erh (Fermented Pu Erh)
Yunnan Da Ye Zhong
Spring 2015
Unsweetened cocoa and grass pudding (Chinese dessert made from a kind of green grass, 龟苓膏), earthy, creamy and mineral
Wo Kan Shan in Simao, Yunnan Province
In 2015, vodui harvested in 2019 (stored in stacks for ripening) pressed into cake in 2020; stored in Dresden since 2020

Customer Reviews

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Natalia B.

2018 Royal Tribute Shu Pu Erh

Andrey S.
Ein sehr guter Tee!

Schön kräftig, sehr gut, empfehlenswert

Darjo M.

Allen Liebhabern von Pu Erh Shu Tees empfehle ich, diesen Tee zu probieren.
Darjo: 8. Juni 2022 Nova Gorica, Slowenien

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