Tatarischer Buchweizentee Gold (Soba Cha / Soba Tee)
Tatarischer Buchweizentee Gold (Soba Cha / Soba Tee)

Tatar buckwheat tea (Soba Cha / Soba tea)

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Nutty, malty taste!

Buckwheat tea (soba tea / soba-cha)

This buckwheat tea tastes nutty, malty and like freshly baked bread.

In China this cereal tea is said to have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. It is also said to lower cholesterol levels. It is not known whether the tea also helps with weight loss. Maybe you can report something about it?

The buckwheat for this tea is made roasted.

Also a great pleasure ice cold

Just like our Mugicha, the Soba-Cha can good as iced tea to be drunk. This is how it is traditionally drunk in Japan.

Attention: There are also a very similar variant this tea, in which the buckwheat seeds are not roasted that much. In terms of taste, however, both types are almost identical!

Exceptional taste

Definitely this one has buckwheat tea a very special taste. It doesn't taste as strongly roasted as that one Barley tea. The first thing you notice when trying it is the sweet notes, reminiscent of almonds or nuts.

Good to know: Buckwheat is actually cooked no grain, even if many think so for sure. Buckwheat belongs to the knotweed family! But it tastes just like grain.


Making buckwheat tea (soba tea)

Buckwheat does not contain any delicate nuances such as white or green tea. So it can definitely be infused with boiling water.

The great thing is that buckwheat tea is made never too bitter or too strong. When pouring hot water, the tea releases its full aroma almost immediately. After about 1 minute, the intensity hardly increases. So you can let the buckwheat tea steep as long as you want.

In any case, this caffeine-free cereal tea is a pleasant alternative to conventional herbal or fruit teas.

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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 10 g


100 °C


2-3 Min.


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