Tea cup made from Taiwanese mineral earth by Wu Li Jiao (80 ml)


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Hand-formed from native Taiwanese mineral clay by Wu Li Jiao, a treasure hunt for collectors

The handmade teacup by Taiwanese artist Wu Li Jiao (吴丽 娇 / 吳麗 嬌

  • Diameter of the upper edge: approx. 7.5 cm
  • Height: approx. 5 cm 
  • Volume: 80 ml

About Wu Li Jiao

The artist was born in Taiwan in 1970. She began studying ceramics with native Taiwanese mineral earth in 1996 from Gu Chuan Zi (古 川 子), who is considered to be the godfather of Taiwanese mineral earth. The works of Gu Chuan Zi and Wu Li Jiao are among the most sought-after works of art by tea collectors in China and Taiwan. 

Wu Li Jiao's works are not only famous for their aesthetic value, but also for their magical interaction with water. She endeavors to use and mix mineral clay in such a way that it can purify, soften and sweeten the water. Tea from their cups is significantly sweeter than from normal teacups. She is also known to use liquid mineral clay directly as a glaze. The colors of your cups are the original colors of the various mineral earths.

She mixes the clay herself, on the one hand she takes clay from Miaoli / Taiwan, which she then mixes with other clays and minerals that she dug herself. Glazes are partly made from clay that you dug yourself, but also from various minerals found in Taiwan.

Your work may look sturdy, but it feels delicate, as if it were an old mine that has stood the test of time.

In Taiwan and China it is already well known and very much appreciated.








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