Thai Weißer Chrysanthemen Tee
Thai Weißer Chrysanthemen Tee

Thai white chrysanthemum tea

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Fluffy and economical!

White chrysanthemum tea premium

This chrysanthemum tea is pesticide free and is called organic tea in Thailand.

Taste rating: herbal, medicinal, flowery floral, with a subtle hint of smokiness in the aftertaste

The taste is not particularly strong, but it depends on how much tea you use. Usually we use 1-2 teaspoons for a cup or a teapot of 300 ml. Strong chrysanthemum tea tastes bitter, so in Hong Kong it is not regarded as a tea in its own right, but rather as an ingredient in pu erh tea.

Chrysanthemum tea is made from the fresh blossoms of the chrysanthemum flowers. These flowers are mainly native to East Asia, as well as China.

This flower tea is very popular in China because of its yin effect. The philosophy of the balance of yin and yang in food and drink is deeply rooted in every Chinese.

For thousands of years, chrysanthemum tea has been drunk to combat symptoms caused by hot food, i.e. yang.


In addition to this cooling effect, chrysanthemum tea is known in China to strengthen and protect the liver and eyes.

Chrysanthemum tea should be brewed with water that is a temperature around that 95˚C has.

It is a good idea to serve the tea in a glass teapot so that you can see the flowers. the Color of tea varies from clear to yellow.

Good in combination with ...

Chinese women often drink the tea with them Rose bud tea, as this tea combination has a strong effect according to Chinese tradition detoxification may have. An alternative to the white chrysanthemums are, for example, the snow chrysanthemums. These are much stronger in taste and give off an intense red color.


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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 2 g


100 °C


2-3 Min.


Blüten Aufguss
pflanzlich, medizinisch, blumig floral

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Apostolos A.
Tai Weiße Chrysanthementee

Ich war überrascht vom intensiven, etwas rauchigen Geschmack. Sehr zu empfehlen!

Merciana H.
Sehr aromatisch

Sehr aromatisch und wohltuend, angenehmer Gescmack!
Ich trinke Chrysanthemum Tee mit Rosenknospen oder Oolong Tee. Heiss oder kalt ein Genuss!

Franz P.

hat perfekt geklappt

Tanja E.
Endlich gute Chrysanthemenblüten

Erst einmal etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, dass die Blüten teilweise etwas zusammenkleben. Aber sobald sie im Glas sind, hat man frische Blüten in schöner Farbe mit angenehmen Geschmack.

Aadu H.
Very satisfied

Heat wave is upon us. Now it is essential to drink some cooling herbal tea.