Ginger Flower Dancong Oolong

Wudong Ginger Flower

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    Wudong Ginger Flower - the most cherished Dancong cultivar

    Harvest: late Spring 2020 (Wudong tea is harvested only 1 time a year)
    Cultivar: Jianghua Xiang (Ginger Flower), also known as Tongtian Xiang (Heaven-reaching Aroma)
    Sea level: 1200 metre
    Location: Wudong village, Fenghuang Mountain, Chaoshan, China
    Roasting level: medium, roasted once
    Oxidation level: medium

    Dancong Oolong has many cultivars, including Mi Lan Xiang, Duck Shit, Xingren Xiang, Guihua Xiang, Leikou Chai, etc.. Ginger Flower is the gem among the numerous Dancong Cultivars. The name of Ginger Flower comes from the ginger kind of sharp aroma and taste of the tea. It has a nickname, Tongtian Xiang, which means aroma that can reach the heaven.

    Our Ginger Flower comes from Wudong village on top of Henghuang mountain. Henghuang mountain is the birthplace of Dancong Oolong and Wudong village is the pinacle of the mountain producing pinacle Dancong. Therefore, compared to Dancong from middle and lower villages in Huanghuang Mountain, all tea from Wudong are pricey(except the golden flakes).

    The aroma of this Ginger Flower, especially the wet leaves after rinsing by hot water, is like some wood or root that has been perfumed, highly woody, sweet and hot.

    The specialty of the Ginger Flower does not only lie in the super sweet, woody and spicy taste but also in its consistency which is medium thick like honey water and in its seemingly never ending infusions. The first 4 infusions offer you an explosion of flavors, the middle infusions offer stronger ginger sharpness, and the medium thick consistency as well as the sweetness last more than 10 infusions.

    In order to appreciate this tea, I suggest that you savor it only when you have enough time, so you can enjoy its never ending company.



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    How to brew

    in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


    ca. 6 - 8 g


    100 °C


    10 - 20.



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    Customer Reviews

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    Alexander A.R.

    Tasting erfolgte in einem Chaozhou-Kännchen

    Eyes - Dry Leaf: Dunkles, knorriges, trockenes Unterholz
    Nose - Dry Leaf: Ingwer, unreife Banane, Longgan, Zeder
    Nose - Wet Leaf: Frischer Ingwer-Aufguss, warme Paprika, Blautanne, getrocknete Steinfrüchte (Aprikosen, Pflaumen, Marillen etc.)
    Eyes - Liquor: klassischer Honig
    Mouth - Texture: 3/5 (eher mittel, leicht verdünnter Honig)
    Mouth - Taste: Ingwer, Kardamom, Kurkuma, Pfefferrahm, Zuckerhutfichte, warmer Waldhonig, Reifekeller, Vanille, Nelke, Nachtkerzen
    Nose - Empty Cup: getrocknete Steinfrüchte mit Honig und Ingwer
    Mouth - Finish: Ingwerabrieb und Lippenbalsam im sehr anhaltenden Abgang
    Eyes - Wet Leaf: Farbvariation von gekochtem Brokkoli und Nadelholzrinden
    Body - Sensation: Beruhigend und geborgen, wie ein prasselndes Kaminfeuer

    Rating: 9,8/10; Eine wahre Gewürzbombe! Als würde man Ingwer frisch aufschneiden und mit einer Prise von jedem Gewürz im Haushalt aufgießen. Das Ganze trinkt man in einem Holzverschlag, während man eine Tüte getrockneter Steinfrüchte zum Naschen öffnet. Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis trotz allem angemessen für dieses Erlebnis.

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