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Wudong Golden Flakes


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Wudong Golden Flakes

This Dancong Golden Flakes is an Oolong tea characterized by an aromatic, fruity and buttery  taste. We love the special aroma of shortbread with peach and cherry.

These golden flakes are from Wudong village on the top of Fenghuang mountain where the world’s best Dancong Oolong tea is grown and made. Every single flake here is a real Wudong Dancong, and not a single flake is from the middle or lower mountain.

What are Golden Flakes?

Like a Pu Erh tea has golden flakes (Huangpian), Dancong Oolong also has golden flakes, which the farmers usually keep to themselves.

Golden Flakes are usually leaves too old for being processed evenly. They take longer time to wither in the sun than their younger siblings, and more stubborn in the Chaoqing process (pan-frying process). They turn yellow or brown easily in the finally charcoal roasting process

Golden flakes taste usually milder and sweeter. They usually taste either not at all or a lot less astringent or bitter than the young leaves of the same batch.

A Dancong Oolong gets bitter and astringent on top of its very fruity taste, if one brews it for too long. However, Dancong Golden flakes are not bitter or astringent at all even if you leave them brewing for 5 minutes. In fact, they can be boiled in pots for about 5-10 minutes, depending on the amount you put in. They are smoother, more aromatic and sweeter than the young leaves from the same batch but have less depth. A good Dancong Oolong can be brewed no less than 8 infusions, but golden flakes can be brewed 4-5 times before getting watery. In total, you will have 7-8 infusions but with the last 3-4 infusions very light and watery.

A real Wudong Dancong usually has a sky-high price. These Golden Flakes are the most reasonable way to get a taste of Wudong Dancong, and see what are differences between Wudong Dancong and medium mountain Dancongs.

Preparation of Dancong Oolong

Natürlich sollte dieser Oolong Tee auf die traditionelle Gong Fu Weise zubereitet werden um den Geschmack absolut zu maximieren.


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Customer Reviews

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Wow, ein ganz besonderer Oolong! Ein weicher, milchiger Geschmack mit Aromen von Vanille, Kirsche und Heu. Eine leicht säuerliche Note schmeichelt der Zunge und macht süchtig. Der Abgang ist trocken und das Zusammenspiel verweilt lange im Mundraum. Ich brauche mehr davon!

Emanuel Brauer

Ein toller Oolong, überaus floral und fruchtig mit leichten Röstaromen. Die großen und toll verarbeiteten Blätter sind bei der Zubereitung zudem ein echter Hingucker. Den wird es bei mir öfter geben.

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