Yixing Wood-Fired Zini Dezhong 柴烧紫泥德中 (150 ml)


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Yixing tea pot, semi-handmade from original purple clay from Huanglong Mountain

Handmade teapot in traditional Dezhong shape (with large round spout)

Material: Original Yixing purple clay from Yixing (to be precise, Qinghui Zini / green-gray purple clay).

Volume: 150 ml

This teapot is burned in the wood stove, but not glazed. Each pot has a unique pattern and texture due to wood fire effects. You may get one with a slightly different pattern than the on the photos.

The success rate of burning these teapots in the wood stove is 100% due to the excellent quality of the clay. When burning clay in a wood stove, the material often breaks or the entire jug melts. However, this Qinghui Zini from Huanglong Mountain has a 100% success rate, which shows that real Yixing clay can withstand high temperatures and behave better than most other types of clay. With this clay, not only will no breakage occur in wood-burning stoves, but the final look and texture of each teapot is simply amazing. It is not easy to find wood-fired zini with such a beautiful result on the market - also due to the fact that real Qinghui Zini from Huanglong Mountain are rarely found.

I ordered this teapot from our Yixing clay collector in summer 2020. They usually take 1-2 minutes to complete our orders. This time it took half a year as there was a severe flood in Yixing that delayed production.

When I look at these teapots, I regret that I didn't order more. They are the best wood-fired Yixing teapots I have ever seen, but re-orders will only be possible after the Chinese New Year and will take at least another six months.

It is a perfect pot for the preparation of Gongfu tea, both for practical tea preparation and for aesthetic appreciation.


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