Yixing Zhuni Dezhong 朱泥德中 (180 ml)


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Dezhong teapot made from Zhuni clay from Huanglong Mountain in Yixing City.

Volume: approx 180ml

handmade with the help of a mold for some parts

Zhuni is a less sandy and less porous clay than other Yixing clays such as Zini, Duanni, Jiangponi, etc. Its ore appears light yellow to dark yellow; Depending on the firing temperature and the amount of iron in the ore, the tone turns orange-red or dark red. Zhuni ore occurs mainly in Zhaozhuang, Hongwei Xiangshan and the Huanglong Mountains.

This clay differs from others in the shrinkage marks on its surface, as the clay shrinks significantly when it is fired. Zhuni from Huanglong Mountain has less shrinkage than Zhuni from Zhaozhuang and Hongwei Villages. You can see that our Zhuni Dragon Egg and our Zhuni Siting from Xiao Mei Yao Zhuni from Hongwei Village show more significant traces of shrinkage than this Dezhong from Zhuni from Huanglong Mountain. But the shrinking traces of this Dezhong Zhuni are still evident to the naked eye.

Due to the fact that Zhuni is less sandy, the surface of Zhuni teapots is usually more glossy than other clay and creates a higher pitch when the lid is clicked against the body of the teapot.

Also due to its less sandy and less porous properties, a Zhuni teapot does not absorb the aroma of tea as strongly as other Yixing clays. While zini and other sandy clays are considered better options for young pu erh and aged tea, a zhuni teapot is considered a better option for highly aromatic oolongs.


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