What is the effect of black tea?

Welche Wirkung hat eigentlich Schwarzer Tee?

Like green tea, black tea has powerful health benefits. Many are not even aware of this. If, for example, you don't like green tea that much, then you will find out in this article how you can safely get on the healthy track with black tea!

Before living in England in 2009, I have never seen so much black tea consumption before. The Chinese in my native China seemed to have a clear preference for green tea. I only found green tea at my parents' home. Why people in England drank so much strong, black tea out of tea bags and knew nothing about green tea was one of the biggest surprises when I lived in England. Later, when I moved to Germany, I found out that black tea was also drunk significantly more than green tea there. It seemed as if Europeans preferred the strong, earthy taste of black tea over the light, refreshing, sweet-bitter taste of green tea. That is a very interesting finding. The creamy and sugary taste of black tea is easier to perceive, whereas the green tea tastes light and bitter at the beginning and only later leaves a hint of sweetness. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that the Chinese believe in the philosophy of green tea, which states that it has to be bitter first and then sweet. This applies to tea as well as to life. Europeans, on the other hand, like it when you can enjoy the sweetness immediately. That seems to be part of the general European mentality. Fascinating how you can read the nature of cultures from the taste of tea.

Black tea is cool in nature

Green tea and black tea taste different, but have very similar nutrients and offer similar healing properties. When I encouraged a friend to try green tea, he got so excited after a while that he drank 5 cups in a row at work. The result was that he developed a severe stomach ache and was sent home. Many people have found that green tea attacks your stomach if they drank too much of it at once. Black tea, on the other hand, warms the stomach area. This has to do with the fact that green tea is cool in nature, while black tea is warm in nature. Food of a cool nature has a harsh effect on the stomach. However, “warm” foods do not attack the stomach at all. However, that does not mean that black tea is generally better. The bodies of each of us are made differently, so either tend to be warm, cool or balanced. People who are prone to acne, Sore throat, cough, Red cheeks or a hot face, constipation or Nosebleeds have a predominantly warm body nature. People to whom this applies should drink green tea more often than black tea, or at least switch between them frequently. A "Cool body" on the other hand, can be identified by frequently cold or sweaty hands or feet, dizziness, nausea or a pale complexion. Such people should drink black tea and rather avoid green tea or enjoy it very carefully.

Unbeatable in combination with ginger

In addition to the healing powers that black and green teas combine, as well as weight loss and detoxification, the warming effect of black tea supports the blood circulation and helps with menstrual problems. To increase the warming effect of black tea, fresh or dried ginger can be added. This combination can particularly reduce problems such as low blood pressure, pale skin, or menstrual problems. You can find our own black tea blend with ginger here. If someone enjoys having sugar with their tea, then brown sugar is a much better choice than white sugar. This is especially true when combined with ginger. Other warming herbal and spice teas that can be combined well with black tea are for example Orange peel, cinammon, Jujube (dried Chinese date), Hawthorn or clove. Are you more of a black tea fan or a green tea freak? I'm looking forward to your commentary :)  


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