Tea for Weight Loss - Which Tea Really Helps?

Tee zum Abnehmen - Welcher Tee hilft wirklich?

How exactly can tea help you lose weight?

Drink tea to lose weight! Wouldn't that be something? It couldn't be easier. A hot mug is the ideal drink to quench thirst, to moisten a dry throat or to warm up on a cold winter night. However, there are some teas that have another great effect - they help you lose weight. Traditional Chinese teas as well as green tea, black tea, white tea, Oolong tea and PuEr tea are great for losing weight if you drink them daily. The tea leaves contain catechins which help the body to utilize fats. Aside from Chinese teas, mint tea also supports weight loss when consumed regularly.


Do not drink Pu Erh Te before you eat!

Of the above-mentioned slimming teas, green tea, white tea and peppermint are cool in nature, so they can be aggressive on the stomach, especially if drunk on an empty stomach. Black tea and PuEr are warm in nature and have a gentle effect on the stomach and have no negative effect when drunk on an empty stomach. However, with every drink, including every tea, you should avoid drinking too much of it. One to two cups of tea after a meal is considered the best time to aid weight loss. It is perhaps important to note that when PuEr is consumed before a meal, it has the opposite effect: it leads to weight gain. This is because PuEr is very good at removing fat from the body, which leads to a greater appetite and the desire to replenish body fat. As strange as it may sound. In addition to green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, peppermint tea, and puer tea, the following two herbal teas are well known for being effective in promoting weight loss.


Lotus Oolong tea

10 grams of lotus leaves + 5 - 10 grams of Oolong tea (+ 2 grams of hawthorn fruit, if a stronger effect is desired) As early as the Ming Dynasty (dates) there were records in China that lotus leaves are a natural fat killer and ancient cultures did Asia and the Middle East have even used the whole lotus plant (lotus seeds, lotus root and lotus leaves) for over 5000 years without any side effects. Researchers from the Food and Nutrition Department in Korea have shown that lotus leaf extract prevented the absorption of fat and carbohydrates in obese mice and that they helped burn fat more quickly. Oolong tea is very effective for losing weight when combined with lotus leaves. However, this tea does not cause loss of appetite or diarrhea, as do many other tablets or wonder drugs for weight loss. If you want a stronger effect, you can add some dried hawthorn fruits to the oolong tea. Hawthorn is also known to aid digestion and fight fat cells, thus preventing obesity. Hawthorn can also add a sweet or sour note to the taste of the tea.

Conclusion on the subject of tea for weight loss: As you can see, weight loss tea is a pretty good option. There are a variety of natural teas that can help you achieve your dream weight. You should definitely test it out. My personal favorite tea for weight loss is black Keemun tea. It has an almost chocolatey taste when you drink it with ginger!

Have you already had positive experiences with tea for weight loss?

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