Celadon Tee Schale von Nina Rail
Celadon Tee Schale von Nina Rail
Celadon Tee Schale von Nina Rail
Celadon Tee Schale von Nina Rail
Celadon Tee Schale von Nina Rail
Celadon Tee Schale von Nina Rail

Celadon tea bowl by Nina Rail (80-90 ml)

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    Volume: 80-90 ml

    Beautiful teacups with a subtle shade of blue and crystalline cracks, handmade by Nina Rail from the Czech Republic. The glaze of the cups is from the Chinese Celadon ceramics which was invented 1700 years ago and was most valued in the Song Dynasty (around 1000 years ago). The cups are so finely glazed as if they were carved from jade.

    Since the Song Dynasty, the celadon style has been used in Ge Yao (Older Brother's Kiln) and Di Yao (Younger brother's kiln).

    Legend has it that in the Song Dynasty there were two brothers who made Celadon ceramics, a flourishing era in ancient China when various ceramics, including Ru Yao and Celadon, were valued and reached their peak in development. The older brother's Celadon ceramics were more popular and were considered to be of better quality than those of the younger brother. Out of jealousy, the younger brother stirred some wood ash into the glaze bucket when the older brother wasn't looking. The result was that all the pieces were cracked after firing. The older brother was at a loss as to what to do with the result. But he couldn't afford to throw away the broken pieces and make new ones because he needed an income. So he brought the cups and kitchen utensils on the market. To his amazement, the public reacted very positively to his unique style. Not only were all the cracked pieces sold out, but even more orders were placed for other ceramics with such cracks. The older brother's name quickly became known and the story between the two brothers was passed on like a fairy tale. As the younger brother continued to improve his celadon skills, people called the celadon with crystalline cracks Ge Yao (Older brother's kiln) and the perfect jade-like celadon with no cracks Di Yao (Younger brother's kiln).

    The pattern of the cracks becomes more noticeable if the cups are used constantly as the color of the tea seeps through the cracks and seeps through the walls of the cups. The cups will get a different look from the tea they serve you.



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    80-90 ml

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