Herbal tea

    Osmanthus blossom tea

    5,95 €
    297,50 €/kg

    Floral, fruity, invigorating and completely natural Osmanthus tea Osmanthus flowers look very similar to elder flowers. "Osmanthus" is Chinese and literally means translated Scented flowersbecause they smell appealingly sweet and...

    Chrysanthemum buds tea

    19,16 €
    383,20 €/kg

    Pesticide-free, healthy and delicious Chrysanthemum buds tea certified organic in China. After two years we finally have chrysanthemum tea in stock again, although you may have noticed that the price...

    Organic rose bud tea (rose blossom tea)

    5,95 €
    148,75 €/kg

    Particularly rich herbal tea  Organic rose bud tea with whole buds Taste of the rose petals This rose bud tea has a particularly mild taste. It is slightly flowery, but...

    Organic Greek mountain tea

    6,00 €
    120,00 €/kg

    Direkt aus Xanthi in Griechenland importiert

    Organic Greek Lemon Verbena

    3,53 €
    117,67 €/kg

    Fresh, lemony herbal tea from Greece Organic Greek Lemon Verbena (lemon bush tea) Organic lemon verbena herbal tea from Greece. Harvest: June 2020 Lemon Verbena is a herb that is...

    Lemon thief

    5,54 €
    55,40 €/kg

    Imported directly from Xanthi in Greece

    Rooibos tea

    5,95 €
    59,50 €/kg

    Classic rooibos tea from South Africa   Rooibos tea Country of origin of the tea: South Africa   Classic rooibos tea (red bush tea) from South Africa in good quality and...

    Thai white chrysanthemum tea

    5,54 €
    184,67 €/kg

    Fluffy and economical! White chrysanthemum tea premium This chrysanthemum tea is pesticide free and is called organic tea in Thailand. Taste rating: herbal, medicinal, flowery floral, with a subtle hint...

    Wild chaga mushroom

    55,46 €
    2.218,40 €/kg

    Original from Lapland Wild Chaga Mushroom from Finland Chaga is a tree fungus that grows on birch trees. It belongs to the group of "medicinal mushrooms" because of the health-promoting...

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