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Zhiming Xie wood-fired tea cups (30-50 ml)


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Style: Summer Dark Cloud

  • Summer Dark Cloud
  • Rosy Sunset
  • Rosy Gold Bell
  • Rosy Sunset wide
  • Sunset Ripple
  • Rosy Ripple Matt
  • Pheasant at sunset (tall)
  • pheasant at sunset (wide)
  • Mountain in Sunset
  • Sunset Melt

gentleman Xie is a Taiwanese ceramist known for his wood-fired teapots and tea accessories. His cups are characterized by a soft metal look with natural patterns created by the fire. The cups are burned in the oven for 5 days and 4 nights, Mr. Xie the process is constantly monitored and wood is added to the fire.

There is a Chinese proverb that describes firing pottery with wood: one color in and thousands of colors out. It says that while the cups were made from the same clay by the same ceramist, after the wood fire they are all unique because the wood fire produces unpredictable results.

We love every cup we've picked for you guys. They're softly metallic, and colors range from pink, orange, yellow, golden, dark blue to black. Sometimes these colors appear on different cups, and sometimes they all dance on a single cup at the same time. It's just magical.

The volume of the cups ranges from 30 to 50 ml.

Caution! We group similar pieces and ship you randomly within the group. So you may get a mug that is the same shape and color with similar patterns, but not exactly the same as in the photo. We hope you will like the surprise. 


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Zhiming Xie
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