Phongsaly Black Apricot – Schwarzertee aus Laos
Phongsaly Black Apricot – Schwarzertee aus Laos
Phongsaly Black Apricot – Schwarzertee aus Laos
Phongsaly Black Apricot – Schwarzertee aus Laos
Phongsaly Black Apricot – Schwarzertee aus Laos

Phongsaly Black Apricot - black tea from Laos

  • Schokolade, Honig, Aprikose, Karamell
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Black tea from Gushu trees


Phongsaly Black Apricot - Black tea from the rainforest in Phongsaly, Laos

The north of Laos (Phongsaly), which borders the Chinese province of Yunnan, is covered with rainforests and numerous old tea trees (Gushu). Not long ago I learned that farmers in Laos are burning forests with old tea trees to grow crops because the value of old tea trees has not yet been recognized and the tea industry in Laos is not profitable enough to support farmers. I was looking for good tea from the forest in Laos. I have some really good ones Sheng Pu Erh from spring 2013 and found this amazingly delicious black tea from spring 2017.

Black tea from Gushu trees

I have tried many tea samples from Laos, this black tea made from large forest trees amazed me with its natural, fruity aroma dried apricots and chocolate remind. After the aroma, I was amazed at its taste - strongly fruity like dried apricot, boiled plum, honey, caramel and chocolate. A wonderful combination of flavors, all of which are captured in this one tea from tall and old trees in the jungle of Laos.

There are some NGO projects promoting tea from Laos, because by promoting the development of the tea industry in Laos, farmers will be forced to earn a better income from tea cultivation - a good reason not to use the forest for the To cut down cultivation of rice and grain. The tea in Laos needs attention from the world, and we need that black tea that smells and tastes like apricot (maybe there are many apricot trees surrounding the tea trees in the forest;))

If you enjoy drinking black tea, especially light, fruity and sweet black tea, you will surely love this tea. It is one of the best black teas that I and the Teewald team have ever tried.


This black tea is completely natural, without the addition of flavorings.

How do you prepare this black tea?

The tea can be made either in a classic western style in a medium to large teapot or in the traditional kungfu style.

Classic, western preparation:

  • Simply use about 5 teaspoons of tea leaves in 1L of boiling water.
  • The natural dyes in the tea dissolve almost immediately and color the water gold-amber
  • Depending on the desired intensity, you let the tea steep for between 3 and 4 minutes. We recommend taking the tea strainer or the tea leaves out of the water, otherwise the black tea can become too bitter.

For the traditional Gong-Fu preparation, please read this article:




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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 5-6 g


90 °C


30-60 Sek.


Phongsaly / Laos
Frühjahr 2023
Schokolade, Honig, Aprikose, Karamell

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Customer Reviews

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Ein toller, fruchtiger Schwarztee!

Den Tee habe ich schon öfter hier bei Teewald bestellt und ich bin jedes Mal aufs Neue angetan von dem tollen Geschmack dieses Tees. Er hat einen typischen Schwarztee-Geschmack der von Aufguss zu Aufguss fruchtiger wird und seinem Namen 'Apricot' alle Ehre macht. Klare Empfehlung!

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