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Yixing Duanni Yuanzhu 段泥圆珠 (125 ml)


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Semi-handcrafted from pure Duanni from Huanglong Mountain⛰



Yixing Duanni Gongfu teapot

Volume: 125ml

This clay looks like a Zini because of its reddish brown color, but in fact it is Duanni which is more grainy and sandy than Zini. One can easily see from the photos that the clay is full of yellow and black grains (melted iron). Most of the time, Duanni appears yellow to light brown after firing. However, Duanni is a typical Symbiosis clay, which means, one will find a little bit of many other clays in it, including Zini (purple clay); When the percentage of Zini is higher than that of any other clays in the batch, the finished products appear the color of a Zini but dotted with yellow grains as well as other mineral grains.

The teapot is handcrafted from original Yixing Duanni from Huanglong Mountains (half handmade with a mold). The spout is made wide to ensure smooth pouring and quick decanting.

This Yixing Gongfu teapot perfect for Chinese tea ceremony, to enjoy Gongfu Cha or as an artistic collection.

Duanni is a sand clay that is naturally greyish-green before firing and turns yellow to brown after firing depending on the kiln temperature.

Duanni is highly porous, Duanni teapots are breathing teapots due to their high porosity. It absorbs the mineral and the essential oil in tea and becomes smooth and shiny after frequent use. Duanni teapot is also very flexible, it can brew all kinds of tea, but it is best for Pu Erh tea.

The volume of this teapot is about 125 ml.


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