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Yixing Zhuni Siting 朱泥思亭 (120 ml)


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Semi-handmade teapot in traditional sitting form.

Material: Original Yixing Zhuni, to be specific, it's also known as Lipi Zhuni (pear-skin Zhuni). The clay was mined in 1990. The shrinking percentage is around 27%, which means the pot before firing was 27% bigger than after firing.

Because of the high shrinking percentage, it is very difficult to have a finished product from Zhuni clay. The wrinkled surface of this pot is also due to the high shrinking percentage.

The little grains on the surface are due to the fact that the clay is mixed with ground and already fired Zhuni (fired at low temperature around 600 Celsius Degree). Because the grains were already fired, they don’t shrink as much as the clay and stood out on the surface.

The wrinkles and grains give the teapot a special texture that no other clay can achieve. After often usage, this teapot will become shinier and achieve the texture of jade stone. This teapot is semi handmade with a form, but it is still pricey because of the rarity and authenticity of the clay.

Volume: 120 ml



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