Organic tea

    Organic Kukicha Karigane

    8,98 €
    89,80 €/kg

    Soft green tea from Japan -- Organic Kukicha Karigane - Japanese green tea with leaves and leaf stems A light, unobtrusive green tea from Japan. The special thing about this...

    Organic Sencha Kaori

    11,59 €
    231,80 €/kg

    Sencha Kaori from Shizuoka, Japan 2019 harvest A comparatively gentle Sencha with long, pointed teenage needles and a light green-yellow cup. The first Augusses show a hearty umami note on...

    Organic Earl Grey Premium Tea

    6,55 €
    65,50 €/kg

    High quality Earl Grey tea the way you love it.  Earl Grey Premium Ingredients: A blend of quality black teas with natural bergamot aroma.   Earl Grey is a classic made from black...

    Organic rose bud tea (rose blossom tea)

    5,95 €4,94 €
    123,50 €/kg

    Particularly rich herbal tea  Organic rose bud tea with whole buds Taste of the rose petals This rose bud tea has a particularly mild taste. It is slightly flowery, but...

    Organic Greek mountain tea

    6,00 €
    120,00 €/kg

    Direkt aus Xanthi in Griechenland importiert

    Masala Chai Spiced Tea

    5,95 €
    59,50 €/kg

    Enjoy with milk as a "Chai Latte" or simply pure. Rice milk is ideal because of its sweet, creamy taste. --   Original Masala Chai tea with black tea A...

    Organic Keemun black tea

    6,00 €
    60,00 €/kg

    Keemun tea from China - without flavoring additives A classic black tea from China: light, malty, earthy. Just very gentle. This tea is very different in taste and smell from...

    Organic Darjeeling First Flush FTGFOP

    5,54 €
    110,80 €/kg

    High quality Darjeeling from India's Orange Valley--Darjeeling First Flush FTGFOP An early harvest Darjeeling tea of high quality. The taste of the first flush is very different from the more...

    Organic Yakushima Koucha / black tea

    8,98 €
    179,60 €/kg

    Japanese Koucha / black tea from the Kagoshima region with nutty, floral and sweet notes. Suitable for preparation in Gaiwan or Kyusu.   Yakushima Koucha / black tea from Kagoshima,...

    Organic Miyazaki Kanayamidori Ceremonial Matcha

    30,16 €
    603,20 €/kg

    Miyazaki Kanayamidori Ceremonial Matcha Harvest: 2020 spring Full-bodied ceremonial matcha from Miyazaki 宫 崎 市, Japan. Made from the cultivar Kanayamidori. The plantation on Kyusu in Miyazaki was shaded about...

    Organic Greek Lemon Verbena

    3,53 €
    117,67 €/kg

    Fresh, lemony herbal tea from Greece Organic Greek Lemon Verbena (lemon bush tea) Organic lemon verbena herbal tea from Greece. Harvest: June 2020 Lemon Verbena is a herb that is...

    Organic Ceylon Pekoe Indulgashinna

    7,56 €
    75,60 €/kg

    Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka This tea is a gentle Ceylon tea from the island of Sri Lanka. The tea is famous for its smoothness and its floral aroma....

    Organic Kamairi Tamaryokucha

    12,00 €
    240,00 €/kg

    Organic Kamairi Tamaryokucha from Kagoshima, Japan  Aroma of dry leaves: nutty like roasted peanuts and creamy and oily like peanut butter, sweet like sweet corn Aroma of the moist leaves:...

    Rooibos tea

    5,95 €
    59,50 €/kg

    Classic rooibos tea from South Africa   Rooibos tea Country of origin of the tea: South Africa   Classic rooibos tea (red bush tea) from South Africa in good quality and...

    Organic Kagoshima Shincha Asanoka

    14,02 €
    280,40 €/kg

    Kagoshima Shincha Asanoka Harvest: mid-April 2021 A very fine Shincha from Hioki, in the Kagoshima region of Japan. Shinchas are the “new teas” that are one of the first to...

    Organic Sencha Kurasawa

    13,86 €
    277,20 €/kg

    Powerful taste with a long aftertaste Sencha Kurasawa Bio  Harvest: April 2021 Cultivar: Kurasawa Height: that. 300 m Origin: Kirishima, Japan The Sencha is from the 2021 harvest, harvested mechanically in...

    Ginger black tea

    6,00 €4,99 €
    49,90 €/kg

    Black tea mixture with ginger. Light and flavorful, perfect for cooler days.--Ginger black tea - Keemun black tea with ginger According to Chinese tradition, ginger black tea has a strong...

    Organic Hojicha

    8,98 €
    89,80 €/kg

      Organic Hojicha from Shizuoka Japan Roasted Japanese Green Tea  Harvest: 2022 spring Cultivar: Yabukita   A lightly roasted hojicha with a rough appearance but very delicate taste and tea...

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