Organic tea

    Organic Kukicha Karigane

    8,98 €
    89,80 €/kg

    Soft green tea from Japan -- Organic Kukicha Karigane - Japanese green tea with leaves and leaf stems A light, unobtrusive green tea from Japan. The special thing about this...

    Organic Sencha Kaori

    11,59 €
    231,80 €/kg

    Sencha Kaori from Shizuoka, Japan 2019 harvest A comparatively gentle Sencha with long, pointed teenage needles and a light green-yellow cup. The first Augusses show a hearty umami note on...

    Organic Earl Grey Premium Tea

    6,55 €
    65,50 €/kg

    High quality Earl Grey tea the way you love it.  Earl Grey Premium Ingredients: A blend of quality black teas with natural bergamot aroma.   Earl Grey is a classic made from black...

    Organic Greek mountain tea

    6,00 €
    120,00 €/kg

    Direkt aus Xanthi in Griechenland importiert

    Organic Darjeeling First Flush FTGFOP

    5,54 €
    110,80 €/kg

    High quality Darjeeling from India's Orange Valley--Darjeeling First Flush FTGFOP An early harvest Darjeeling tea of high quality. The taste of the first flush is very different from the more...

    Organic Keemun black tea

    6,00 €
    60,00 €/kg

    Keemun tea from China - without flavoring additives A classic black tea from China: light, malty, earthy. Just very gentle. This tea is very different in taste and smell from...

    Organic Yakushima Koucha / black tea

    8,98 €
    179,60 €/kg

    Japanese Koucha / black tea from the Kagoshima region with nutty, floral and sweet notes. Suitable for preparation in Gaiwan or Kyusu.   Yakushima Koucha / black tea from Kagoshima,...

    Organic Miyazaki Kanayamidori Ceremonial Matcha

    30,16 €
    603,20 €/kg

    Miyazaki Kanayamidori Ceremonial Matcha Harvest: 2020 spring Full-bodied ceremonial matcha from Miyazaki 宫 崎 市, Japan. Made from the cultivar Kanayamidori. The plantation on Kyusu in Miyazaki was shaded about...

    Organic Kamairi Tamaryokucha

    12,00 €
    240,00 €/kg

    Organic Kamairi Tamaryokucha from Kagoshima, Japan  Aroma of dry leaves: nutty like roasted peanuts and creamy and oily like peanut butter, sweet like sweet corn Aroma of the moist leaves:...

    Organic Ceylon Pekoe Indulgashinna

    7,56 €
    75,60 €/kg

    Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka This tea is a gentle Ceylon tea from the island of Sri Lanka. The tea is famous for its smoothness and its floral aroma....

    Rooibos tea

    5,95 €
    59,50 €/kg

    Classic rooibos tea from South Africa   Rooibos tea Country of origin of the tea: South Africa   Classic rooibos tea (red bush tea) from South Africa in good quality and...

    Organic Kagoshima Shincha Asanoka

    14,02 €
    280,40 €/kg

    Kagoshima Shincha Asanoka Harvest: mid-April 2021 A very fine Shincha from Hioki, in the Kagoshima region of Japan. Shinchas are the “new teas” that are one of the first to...

    Organic Sencha Kurasawa

    13,86 €
    277,20 €/kg

    Powerful taste with a long aftertaste Sencha Kurasawa Bio  Harvest: April 2021 Cultivar: Kurasawa Height: that. 300 m Origin: Kirishima, Japan The Sencha is from the 2021 harvest, harvested mechanically in...

    Organic 2020 Gyokuro Shibushi Saemidori

    31,26 €
    625,20 €/kg

    This Gyokuro Shibushi comes from the area around Shibushi in Kagoshima, Japan. The place is quite famous for good gyokuros. This Gyokuro is from Saemidori cultivar, was shaded 28 days...

    Organic Hojicha

    6,55 €
    93,57 €/kg

      Organic Hojicha from Shizuoka Japan Roasted Japanese Green Tea  Harvest: 2022 spring Cultivar: Yabukita   A lightly roasted hojicha with a rough appearance but very delicate taste and tea...

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