Jasmine Dragon Pearls

    7,97 €
    159,40 €/kg

    Hand-rolled, finest jasmine tea Jasmin Dragon Pearls Green Tea (Jasmin Tea Dragon Pearls) Harvest: spring 2021 Pure green tea with a jasmine aroma made from fresh jasmine flowers, without any...

    2022 Premium Xihu Long Jing Tee (Drachenbrunnentee)

    16,64 €
    416,00 €/kg

    Xihu Longjing / Lungching 2022 pre-Qingming (Drachenbrunnentee) Harvest: 03/25/2022 Origin: Yuhang, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Tee-Sorte: Qun Ti Zhong (Qunti Sorte 群体) Tested as pesticide-free by Eurofin in China...

    Sencha Yutakamidori

    7,97 €
    159,40 €/kg

    Fantastic sencha with strong umami.--Sencha Yutakamidori A first-class Sencha green tea from the Shizuoka region. Relatively strong umami taste. Fine, short leaves with an intense leaf green. Preparation of the...

    Organic Kukicha Karigane

    8,98 €
    89,80 €/kg

    Soft green tea from Japan -- Organic Kukicha Karigane - Japanese green tea with leaves and leaf stems A light, unobtrusive green tea from Japan. The special thing about this...

    Alishan Milky Gaba Oolong

    10,58 €
    211,60 €/kg

    About Gaba Tea GABA is short for gamma-amino butyric acid, an amino acid that is one of the main neurotransmitters in your central nervous system. Due to an extra step...

    Genmaicha - green tea with roasted rice

    6,96 €
    69,60 €/kg

    Classic from Japan with fine Sencha and roasted rice--Genmaicha from Japan The famous tea blend from Japan: Roasted, brown rice with fresh Sencha green tea. A light, absolutely delicious drink...

    Roasted Barley Tea (Mugicha)

    5,95 €
    5,95 €/100g

    hot or cold a special treat!--Roasted Barley Tea (Mugicha) A special, different type of tea: Cereal tea without caffeine The roasted barley tea smells pleasantly of roasted grain and is...

    Osmanthus blossom tea

    5,95 €
    297,50 €/kg

    Floral, fruity, invigorating and completely natural Osmanthus tea Osmanthus flowers look very similar to elder flowers. "Osmanthus" is Chinese and literally means translated Scented flowersbecause they smell appealingly sweet and...

    Lishan Gaba Oolong

    13,61 €
    272,20 €/kg

    Lishan Gaba Oolong GABA is short for gamma-amino butyric acid, an amino acid that is one of the main neurotransmitters in your central nervous system. Due to an extra step...

    Laocong "Duckshit" (Ya Shi) Oolong

    14,02 €
    467,33 €/kg

    Laocong Duck Shit 2020 Spring Tea Duck Shit Dancong Oolong has been the most popular Dancong Oolong tea for its soothing and satisfying aroma and taste. The bushes for making...

    Organic Sencha Kaori

    11,59 €
    231,80 €/kg

    Sencha Kaori from Shizuoka, Japan 2019 harvest A comparatively gentle Sencha with long, pointed teenage needles and a light green-yellow cup. The first Augusses show a hearty umami note on...

    2020 Shoumei White Tea Pearl

    1,51 €
    188,75 €/kg

    Pressed white tea pearl from Fuding Harvest: autumn 2020  Terroir: Tai Mu Mountain, Fuding, Fujian Tea cultivar: Cai Cha Aroma and taste: summer hay, honey, dried plumsBrewing temperature: 100 °...

    2018 Pu Erh Mini Tuo Cha

    5,75 €
    115,00 €/kg

    Small, pressed Pu Erh cakes for on the go. Characteristic Pu Erh taste. Malty, earthy--Pu Erh Mini Tuo Cha (pressed Pu Erh tea) Taste: woody, slightly smoky, earthy, earth after...

    2021 Sapphire Gaba Oolong

    14,02 €
    280,40 €/kg

    Oriental Beauty of Gaba -- Sapphire Gaba Oolong Oriental Beauty by Gaba Harvest: March 2021 Terroir: Tea garden at 1000 m above sea level in Ali Shan (this tea garden...

    Wild Rosy Lapsang (unsmoked)

    9,98 €
    199,60 €/kg

    Wild Rosy Lapsang Type of tea: Wild Lapsang Souchong Black Tea (unsmoked) Variety: Cai Cha (grown wild)Taste: very flowery like roses, superbly fruity like lychee, a bit woodyColor of the cup: amber, dark brown,...

    Organic Earl Grey Premium Tea

    6,55 €
    65,50 €/kg

    High quality Earl Grey tea the way you love it.  Earl Grey Premium Ingredients: A blend of quality black teas with natural bergamot aroma.   Earl Grey is a classic made from black...

    Laocong Mi Lan Xiang Dancong Oolong

    14,02 €
    467,33 €/kg

    Laocong Mi Lan Xiang 2020 Spring Tea This is a super fruity dark Oolong from a village 1000 meters above sea level in Fenghuang mountain, Guangdong province, China. It is...

    Wudong Golden Flakes

    12,00 €
    400,00 €/kg

    Wudong Golden Flakes This Dancong Golden Flakes is an Oolong tea characterized by an aromatic, fruity and buttery  taste. We love the special aroma of shortbread with peach and cherry....

    2017 Pu Erh Premium Tea

    11,04 €
    220,80 €/kg

    particularly aromatic!--Pu Erh Premium Tea   Taste rating: Caramel, dark chocolate, nutty mushrooms, with a sweet aftertaste A noble variety of the special "dark tea" Pu Erh Premium! Pu Erh...

    White Orchid Oolong - Bai Ya Qi Lan

    2,82 €
    352,50 €/kg

    Good Mingnan Oolong tea from Pinghe, Fujian, China. Mid-grade quality. Very good as an introduction to the oolong world. --       White Orchid - Bai Ya Qi Lan...

    Organic rose bud tea (rose blossom tea)

    5,95 €
    148,75 €/kg

    Particularly rich herbal tea  Organic rose bud tea with whole buds Taste of the rose petals This rose bud tea has a particularly mild taste. It is slightly flowery, but...

    Sweet Osmanthus Oolong Tea

    8,57 €
    171,40 €/kg

    Oolong tea mixture with tieguanyin and osmanthus flowers. Totally natural.--Sweet Osmanthus Oolong Tea Harvest: autumn 2020 Taste: nutty, fruity, flowery, sweet Fine Ever Green Oolong of organic quality from China...

    Chrysanthemum buds tea

    19,16 €
    383,20 €/kg

    Pesticide-free, healthy and delicious Chrysanthemum buds tea certified organic in China. After two years we finally have chrysanthemum tea in stock again, although you may have noticed that the price...

    Pollen honey Dianhong

    8,57 €
    171,40 €/kg

    Harvest: Spring 2021 Leaf/bud: 1 leaf and 1 bud  Cultivar: Yunnan Zhong Ye Zhong Region: Yunnan, China Dianhong means red tea from Yunnan, as Dian stands for Yunnan and Hong...

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